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Vertical Roller Mill Hydraulic System

Vertical Roller Mill Hydraulic System

Vertical Roller Mill Cyclone Block

Due to improper operation, the grinding temperature control is too low, resulting in excessive moisture of the raw material, which may occur when the cyclone is blocked (current is reduced, the internal material of the Vertical Roller Mill is gradually accumulated, the differential pressure is getting higher and higher, the main motor power Ascending, more and more materials in the scraper room, the current rises, the power of the circulating fan increases, and the inlet grinding pressure decreases.

Judgment: Generally speaking, when the adhesive blockage occurs, the negative pressure between the bonded plugged portion and the fan increases, while the oxygen content remains normal; the temperature of the airflow between the kiln and the bonded plugged portion increases; The negative pressure in the lower part of the cyclone that is blocked by the bond will drop rapidly until it reaches zero, and the temperature of the cone will rise.

Reasons For The Jam Of The Vertical Roller Mill

  • 1. The rotary motor under the cyclone does not move. If the signal is blocked, it will cause blockage after feeding.
  • 2. The conveying equipment is not well transported, and the material is piled up to the rotary discharge valve, causing blockage.
  • 3. The disconnection between the motor shaft of the rotary valve and the rotary valve causes the motor to rotate and the rotary valve does not move, causing blockage. (An error occurs in the low speed signal again)
  • 4. Before the Vertical Roller Mill stops for a long time, the material is not transported away, there is crust in the cyclone cylinder, and when it is turned on, the accumulation is blocked.
  • 5. In the normal operation of the Vertical Roller Mill, the rotary motor is faulty, and the trip occurs, causing blockage.


Judging from the production situation in recent years, the clogging of the cyclone mainly occurs in the five-stage cylinder. The reason is that, besides the factors such as the pouring of the pouring material and the inflexibility of the flapping valve, the material is burnt and the crust is clogged.

It was especially prominent when it was just feeding. At this time, due to the low temperature of the second and third times, the pulverized coal burned out for a long time. Especially in the decomposition furnace, because there is no material blocking effect, a large amount of pulverized coal is concentrated in the upper part of the decomposition furnace and the five-stage cylinder is burned, and local high temperature is formed at these portions. When the initial small stock material enters, it is easily burnt and adheres to the wall of the blanking pipe to form a blocking material.

Treatment measures: When the above clogging phenomenon occurs, the coal should be stopped immediately, and the coal should be stopped according to the temporary shutdown to keep the system under negative pressure and quickly organize the personnel to clear the blockage.

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