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Vertical Mill Table Roller Liner Wear Assessment

Vertical Mill Table Roller Liner Wear Assessment

Factors Affecting The Operation Of Vertical Roller Mills

The Influence Of The Height Of The Retaining Ring On The Operation Of The Vertical Roller Mill

1. The Vertical Roller Mill has a high material ring, and the corresponding Vertical Roller Mill has a thick layer on the grinding plate, a thick buffer layer, and a relatively low grinding efficiency. In order to improve the grinding efficiency, only the grinding pressure is increased, and the main motor power is too high. When the Vertical Roller Mill material layer becomes thicker, the relative ventilation capacity is also reduced, and the finished material cannot be taken out of the mill in time, and the output is low at this time.

2. The Vertical Roller Mill has a low material stop ring, and the corresponding Vertical Roller Mill has a thin material feeding layer, a low buffer layer, and a Vertical Roller Mill with large vibration. In order to reduce the vibration, only the grinding pressure is reduced. At this time, the main motor power is low, the external circulation rate is increased, the residence time of the material in the grinding is prolonged, the material grinding burden is increased, and the efficiency is low, and the raw material fineness is coarse. In order to maintain the high efficiency and high yield of the Vertical Roller Mill, the retaining ring should be selected reasonably.

Judgment And Treatment Of The Phenomenon Of Scraping Off

After the scraper of the Vertical Roller Mill is dropped, the long iron block may be picked up in the returning material, or even stuck, the transporting (returning) equipment is skipped, and the power of the Vertical Roller Mill is obviously increased in the case of the same output. The output is difficult to increase, and the amount of return is small. The mill can be shut down during processing and enter the mill for processing and welding.

Feed Volume Trip Processing

1. Any scale of limestone library will stop, first add the scale to another scale, and then inform the post to check whether the scale is blocking the material; if the material is blocked, it will be cleared immediately; if it is not blocked, restart once, if Failure to start up, notify the electrician to check.

2. If the sandstone or iron ore warehouse is stopped, notify the post to check whether the material is blocked. If the material is blocked in time, please pay attention to it. (Note that in the process of clearing the plug, every 3 minutes, be sure to start the scale once); Material, restart once. If it fails to start, notify the electrician to check it and prepare to stop the mill.

Vertical Roller Mill Spray

Function: The Vertical Roller Mill sprays water, mainly to stabilize the material layer, reduce the temperature of the outlet gas, reduce vibration and stabilize operation.

Influence: A certain amount of water spray can form a stable material layer on the material on the grinding disc in time, so that the vibration frequency in the running of the grinding roller is reduced, which has a very direct effect on the operation of the stable system and the improvement of the output and operation. If the amount of water spray is small, it is difficult to form a layer, and the vibration is large and difficult to operate. If the amount of water spray is large, it is easy to cause a thick layer. Although the pressure difference can be lowered in time, if the time is long, the material of the Vertical Roller Mill is long. If you don’t go, the Vertical Roller Mill will increase the cycle. If you don’t cut production or reduce water in time, it will be easy to over-current.

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