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Soapstone Grinding

Soapstone Grinding

Daily maintenance of Soapstone Grinding Machine

With the development of the mining industry, Soapstone Grinding Machine has a good development momentum in China in recent years, and now it has become a common grinding equipment for users of grinding powder. Then, what are the standard operation and daily maintenance measures of the Soapstone Grinding Machine? The following SBM takes everyone to know about it.

1. Operate the Soapstone Grinding Machine in strict accordance with the milling requirements. First adjust the large rolling distance and then drive, and then adjust the rolling distance to normal after the material enters.

2. The power of the Soapstone Grinding Machine is large, and the power can be multiplied with the change of the rolling distance. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the tightness of the transmission belt.

3. Before the Soapstone Grinding Machine is turned on, it should remove the sundries inside and around the machine, turn the parts by hand, check the tension of the V-belts and chains, whether the fasteners are firm and the lubrication is normal.

4. The Soapstone Grinding Machine belt runs off and slips on the pulley. It can be found by diligently seeing and smelling, and it can be solved by sprinkling rosin on the belt and properly loosening the rolling distance. If you hear a slap, it indicates that the belt is partially disengaged and the hoe is turned off and should be shut down immediately for repair.

5. The failure of the Soapstone Grinding Machine bearing. It can be found in terms of bearing or bushing wear, bearing cracking and improper installation of the grinding roller. If there is a problem with the end of the bearing swing, it may be that the tension of the rolling adjustment mechanism is insufficient or the roller is unbalanced. If the bearing has oil simmering, the bearing should be re-adjusted and equipped with a suitable washer to prevent the roller from being worn. Instigated.

6. The Soapstone Grinding Machine grinding roller should be replaced in a planned manner. Do not replace a large number of new brushed rolls at the same time to avoid drastic changes in the process.

7. The Soapstone Grinding Machine keeps the suction pipe open, and regularly checks and removes the accumulated powder in the pipe.

8. If the gear noise is too large, it can be tilted from the gear unit, the grinding roller and the transmission wheel are unbalanced, the lubricating oil is insufficient, the tooth shape is incorrect or too worn, and so on.

9. When the Soapstone Grinding Machine is ground, the material should be evenly distributed over the entire length of the grinding roller. When the incoming material is reduced or the feed is suddenly stopped, the grinding roller should be loosened immediately to prevent damage.

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