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Slag Vertical Roller Mill

Slag Vertical Roller Mill

Slag Vertical Roller Mill boot check

1. The grinding roller and grinding disc of the Slag Vertical Roller Mill are seriously worn, and the pressure of the grinding roller is not balanced.

Since the wear degree of each grinding roller is not longer with time, the force of the grinding roller acting on the grinding disc is different, so that the degree of wear is obviously large, and the large area is peeled off, and the unevenness is uneven, resulting in unstable materials and large fluctuations. However, the slag material also appears to be more or less uneven, which is one of the reasons for the unsteady quality of the raw meal.

2. The height of the material change, the ventilation area of ​​the nozzle ring, the loading pressure, and the water spray volume are not well matched.

The amount of slag in the Slag Vertical Roller Mill is directly related to the height of the retaining ring. The height of the retaining ring is not a fixed value. It is proportional to the grinding pressure and inversely proportional to the wear of the grinding roller. With the grinding roller, the grinding disc and the lining The wear of the plate, the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding disc increases, and the height of the retaining ring should be lowered. In the recent grinding of our factory, the grinding discs are seriously worn, but the height of the retaining ring is not adjusted, and there are different heights.

The ventilation area of ​​the spout ring directly affects the wind speed in the mill. As time goes by, the spout ring wear is gradually intensified, and different degrees of deformation and damage occur. If it is not repaired in time, the airflow will be chaotic and the stable rotation direction will not be formed. Ascending airflow, and the wind speed will also decrease, the material can not be taken away in time, return to the grinding disc or the bottom of the spout ring to scrape the silo, increase the external circulation to reduce the Slag Vertical Roller Mill. In the near future, due to the low stop time and low repair time of the nozzle ring and the large amount of nozzle ring repair work, our factory can not repair better, and the nozzle ring wear is still very serious.

The size of the loading pressure also indirectly determines the grinding ability of the grinding roller. However, due to the recent wear of the grinding roller and the grinding disc, the loading pressure will increase. The pressure is now 6.5, which is 1.0 more than the pressure in May. The load of the large Slag Vertical Roller Mill will also increase; also because the material layer is thicker now, the grinding force will turn to the lateral stress, the material will also slide and shear, the slump of the material layer will increase, and the grinding capacity will decrease. If it is not grinded in time, it will be squeezed out of the grinding disc, and it will increase the circulation amount when it falls into the spout ring. The pressure difference is large, and the material can not be sent away in time to form a vicious circle.

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