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Slag Grinding Machine

Slag Grinding Machine

Factors affecting the service life of Slag Grinding Machine reducer

As the power transmission setting of the Slag Grinding Machine, the reducer is a very important accessory in the Slag Grinding Machine. The normal operation of the Slag Grinding Machine cannot be separated from the perfect fit of the reducer. As a well-known Slag Grinding Machine supplier in China, SBM has conducted in-depth research on the Slag Grinding Machine reducer. What are the factors that affect the service life of the reducer in the Slag Grinding Machine structure?

“When the gearbox is shipped from the factory, it is usually necessary to run the equipment first, and the running-in period is about 200 hours according to the regulations.” Shanghai Shibang Slag Grinding Machine engineer Li Gong said, “The oil must be changed after the running-in period. This is based on the performance characteristics of the equipment in the early stage of the use of the reducer. The running-in period is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the reducer, reducing the failure rate of the equipment and extending the service life of the equipment. So what are the factors that affect its service life?

1. The installation and commissioning process of the reducer is not strict enough, and the problems found are not dealt with in time.

2. The reducer has an overload phenomenon, such as a large defect.

3. The speed of the reducer itself is poor, such as large defects.

4. The maintenance and maintenance of the reducer is not enough. The equipment operation is not checked regularly on time.

5. The maintenance of various indicating instruments is not enough, the instrument indication is incorrect, resulting in operational errors.

6. Lubrication management is not enough. The selection of lubricating oil is unreasonable. The lubricating oil outlet end and the oil returning end screen are not cleaned in time, and the lubricating oil is not replaced in time according to relevant regulations.

7. The operator is not familiar with the equipment construction, performance, allowable load, lubrication and related technical parameters.

8. The post responsibility system is not sound enough, such as: post responsibility system, post operation method, handover shift system, safety technology, etc.

Find the “cause” & rdquo; can cure the “disease”, SBM believes that after understanding the factors affecting the service life of the Slag Grinding Machine reducer, pay attention to the use of the process, regular maintenance and maintenance, will effectively extend the deceleration The service life of the machine guarantees the orderly and stable production of the Slag Grinding Machine.

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