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Rubble Crushers oil pollution example Rubble Crushers oil pollution 1. The main cause of serious oil pollution is the Rubble Crushers. At that time, a brand of winter low viscosity lubricant was used. The main route of contaminat…

Rubble Crushers oil pollution example

Rubble Crushers oil pollution

Solve the problem

In response to the Rubble Crushers oil pollution incident, SBM actively communicated with customers to find a solution. Finally, SBM provides customers with a retrofit solution for a positive pressure dust system. It is understood that the reforming scheme of the positive pressure dustproof system is to effectively control the key indicators such as humidity, cleanliness and pressure of the compressed air, and then input into the dustproof cylinder of the special structure by a special conveying pipeline. In order to achieve the effect of positive pressure dust inside the equipment.

The efficiency of the Rubble Crushers transformation program

The special arrangement of the pipeline and the structural improvement of the dustproof cylinder enable the oil passage and the gas passage inside the equipment to be completely isolated. The user can adjust the air supply pressure of the positive pressure dustproof system according to the actual situation on the site, completely eliminating the pressure. The oil splash and oil return blockage caused by excessive pressure in the positive pressure system.

It is reported that the replacement of Rubble Crushers spare parts can save an average of about 50 hours of downtime. The ore processing is about 500t per hour, the total ore volume is 2500t/year, the concentrate selection ratio is 5:2, the actual production capacity is 1000t, and the annual output value can be increased by about 550,000 yuan.


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