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Roller Mill For Sale

Roller Mill For Sale

The reason why the Roller Mill is difficult to start

The Roller Mill is a widely used milling equipment for mining and industrial applications in today’s society. The preparation work of the Roller Mill before the production involves the start-up procedure of the machine. If it cannot be started or the start-up is difficult, it will directly affect the production progress. Recently, some customers have reflected this kind of problem. According to the analysis of many years of experience, the reasons for the difficulty in starting the Roller Mill are as follows:

First, the Roller Mill is not fully loaded

According to the traditional design calculation method of the power consumption of the Roller Mill, if the Roller Mill is insufficiently loaded, it means that the amount of the material to be ground, the grinding body, the water and the grinding aid are reduced, and thus the impact grinding of the abrasive body to be ground. The mechanical collision between the action and the grinding body is correspondingly reduced, and the power consumption of the Roller Mill is reduced. In fact, if the Roller Mill is insufficiently loaded, the power consumption of the Roller Mill is larger than that during normal loading. In severe cases, it is very difficult to start the Roller Mill.

Second, the Roller Mill material agglomeration

Due to the agglomeration of the medium and the ore in the Roller Mill, the center of gravity is seriously offset from the side of the cylinder. In this case, when driving the Roller Mill, the motor is not enough to overcome the eccentric moment, and the Roller Mill cannot be driven. The occurrence of overload phenomenon may cause difficulty in starting the Roller Mill. At this time, the inlet cover is opened, and the medium is turned into a cylinder to turn the medium with a crowbar to discharge part of the medium.

Third, the motor three-phase load imbalance

If one of the three-phase electric currents is not well contacted or leaked due to poor contact of the wire joints, the current is weakened due to poor insulation of the windings, etc. The electromagnetic torque generated by the phase current passing through the stator windings will also decrease, which will result in the Roller Mill. Difficult to start, it seems that the motor is overloaded. The elimination method is to disconnect the motor from the reduction gear box, start the motor under the empty load, check the current of each phase with a clamp-type ammeter, check the motor winding for a corresponding abnormal current, such as checking the insulation with a shaker, etc. The reason is processed before driving.

Fourth, there is ore or steel ball in the mine box.

For closed-circuit grinding, if the ore and steel ball spit out from the Roller Mill are not cleaned from the ore bin, or the Roller Mill stops, the classifier does not stop in time, so that the sand return is in the feed bin. The internal accumulation is saved. When the Roller Mill is started, the spoon is blocked, and a large eccentric moment is generated, causing the motor to be overloaded, which leads to difficulty in starting the Roller Mill. To solve this problem, the treatment hole at the bottom of the tank is opened, and the ore and steel are turned. The ball is cleaned up.

Fifth, the material appears to solidify

This phenomenon is more likely to occur in the winter in the north, and the material and the grinding medium solidify, resulting in poor start-up. In the case of this situation, the normal elimination method is to clean up. Nanyang gives you a small remedy here: use nylon rope to move the crusher to run around 3-4 turns, and use the loader to pull the nylon rope at the moment of starting. After a few laps, the Roller Mill was started.

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, the voltage instability, the mismatch between the motor and the Roller Mill will make the Roller Mill start difficult during use. Users can check the fault according to the above points and return to normal as soon as possible. jobs.

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