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Optimization of new Quartz Milling Machine                          The Quartz Milling Machine is one of the hot-rolling equipments in recent years. After industrial production practice and data testing and verification, the Quartz M…

Optimization of new Quartz Milling Machine


The Quartz Milling Machine is one of the hot-rolling equipments in recent years. After industrial production practice and data testing and verification, the Quartz Milling Machine has been officially certified and has been widely used in large industrial production lines such as major mines. The following is the SBM ultra-fine grinding supplier to summarize the development and improvement of the new Quartz Milling Machine, the performance improvement and the technical performance evaluation of the Quartz Milling Machine.

1. Improvement of the structure of the new Quartz Milling Machine

The new Quartz Milling Machine improves the coupling, main bearing, simplified lining and transmission gear on the basis of the ordinary superfine grinding structure.

(1) Using a pneumatic clutch

The principle of the pneumatic clutch is to install an annular capsule between the motor shaft rotor and the drive shaft rotor, which is connected to the high-pressure air system and controlled by a solenoid valve. When the motor is started, the capsule is in a squirting state, and the brake shoes are disengaged from each other; when the ultra-fine grinding is started and operated, the capsule is inflated, so that the brake shoes are tightened and the torque is transmitted. The pneumatic clutch is smoothly engaged, the clutch is fast, the transmission torque is large, and the wear gap does not need to be adjusted. The segmentation start of the motor and the ultra-fine grinding is realized, the starting time is shortened, the starting current and the energy consumption are reduced, the voltage drop of the power grid is greatly reduced, and the overload protection function is also exerted.

(2) Using static pressure bearing

That is, before the ultra-fine grinding starts, use the high-pressure jacking to rotate the part for several minutes. After the ultra-fine grinding starts, the dynamic pressure lubrication forms a dynamic oil film, which realizes the full liquid friction of the main journal and greatly improves the ultra-fine grinding during start-up and operation. The working conditions reduce frictional resistance and static resistance torque, reduce current and energy consumption, and extend the service life of bearings and journals.

(3) Angle spiral lining

Reduce ball loading, reduce filling rate, improve grinding mechanism, reduce energy consumption and steel consumption, and improve grinding efficiency.

(4) Improve the size of the gear structure

Improve the gear installation accuracy, improve the lubrication method and seal dust-proof method, so that the noise of the gear is reduced. Longevity and efficiency increase.

(5) In order to cooperate with the new structure, the air control, hydraulic and electronic control systems are set accordingly, so that the equipment has a relatively complete system interlocking and protection function.

2, increase specifications, improve performance

On the basis of the new Quartz Milling Machine, SBM has successively developed various types of ultra-fine grinding, initially forming a series, and constantly improving the equipment performance. The ultra-fine grinding main bearing is changed to a static pressure bearing, which is lubricated by high-pressure system during starting and normal operation, that is, full static pressure lubrication.

At the same time, two new structures have been added to the ultra-fine grinding with a diameter of 3.6m: a slow-speed driving device is adopted, which is convenient for micro-moving and turning, and adopts a hydraulic topping device when the super-fine grinding is used to repair or replace the lining before starting. Lifting the cylinder during maintenance can save large bridge cranes and reduce plant cost and equipment investment.

2, technical performance evaluation

Compared with the same type of ordinary ultra-fine grinding, the Quartz Milling Machine has the following advantages: first, the ore processing capacity is increased by 7 to 10%, the unit ore energy consumption is reduced by 15 to 20%; second, the unit ore steel consumption is reduced by about 5%. Third, the noise is lower than 90.5 decibels, and the vertical large amplitude is less than 28.8 & mu; m.

The technical appraisal results show that the Quartz Milling Machine application technology is more reasonable, the parameters are reasonable, the structure is novel, the manufacturing is excellent, the performance is superior, and all technical performance indicators meet the design requirements and are in the domestic status.


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