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Quartz Grinding Plant

Quartz Grinding Plant

Common failure analysis of Quartz Grinding Plant

Fault analysis: A problem often occurred in the operation of the Quartz Grinding Plant is that the discharge port does not produce powder or the amount of powder is low, so that the output is low, and the causes of the failure mainly include the following aspects: First, unadjusted Good locker, the seal is not strict, resulting in the powder sucking the second, the blade wear phenomenon is serious, so that the material can not be shovel; third, the air duct is blocked; fourth, it may also be due to poor sealing The pipe leaked and so on. Solution: In order to solve the phenomenon that the Quartz Grinding Plant does not produce powder in time, the solution according to the above-mentioned failure analysis is as follows: Firstly, the locker should be inspected and re-adjusted in time; secondly, the damaged blade should be replaced again; Then, the blocked air passage is cleaned and re-rolled; after that, the pipe is sealed to prevent air leakage.

Fault 2: Uneven fault analysis of Quartz Grinding Plant: The finished powder is uneven, and the powder is too thick or too thin. The causes of the fault mainly include two aspects: First, because the grader blades are worn, It does not play an effective grading role; secondly, it may be due to improper air volume of the blower or severe wear of the impeller. Solution: To solve the phenomenon that the finished powder is uneven, the classifier blade should be replaced in time, which can effectively solve the problem of excessive powder, and the powder should be increased to improve the air volume.

Fault 3: Large noise and vibration of the Quartz Grinding Plant main engine Fault analysis: The Quartz Grinding Plant generates large noise or vibration during use. The main causes of the fault are: First, the blade cannot be severely worn due to severe wear and tear. Shovel the material, at the same time, the loose bolt of the Quartz Grinding Plant appears loose; second, the feed amount is small; third, the grinding roller grinding ring of the Quartz Grinding Plant has been severely deformed. Solution: Replace the worn blade; adjust the feed amount and feed size in time; replace the new grinding roller and grinding ring.

Fault 4: The mobile current of the Quartz Grinding Plant rises, and the fan current drops. Analysis of the fault: The main current of the Quartz Grinding Plant rises. The main reason for the decrease of the fan current is that the material is blocked due to excessive feed, which leads to the circulation of the air duct. The exhaustion of the pipeline is not smooth, and the excessive heating of the circulating airflow causes the main current to rise and the fan current to drop. Solution: The feed amount should be reduced in time. At the same time, the feed temperature should be controlled, and the accumulated powder in the air duct should be cleaned. In addition, the air duct valve should be properly adjusted to increase the excess air volume to maintain the movement. The circulating air flow pressure inside the crusher can be balanced.

Fault 5: Damage analysis of the grinding roller bearing damage of the Quartz Grinding Plant: The bearing damage in the Quartz Grinding Plant roller device may be caused by the failure to perform regular cleaning and maintenance, or may be caused by the damage of the sealing ring. Solution: The bearings in the roller cover should be cleaned regularly, and the oil seal should be replaced and refueled. For the refueling tool, a grease gun or a manual refueling pump can be used.

Fault 6: Analysis of the heating failure of the Quartz Grinding Plant transmission and the classifier tank: The phenomenon that the transmission of the Quartz Grinding Plant and the grader tank are mainly due to the thickening of the oil, the oil cannot enter the upper part due to insufficient oil pump pressure. The result is a lack of oil in the bearing. Solution: In order to avoid the heat of the transmission and the classifier tank, check whether the classifier’s running direction, oil demand data and oil viscosity requirements are consistent.

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