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Application and advantages of Quartz Grinding Machine in cement plant A cement plant is located in a high-temperature and rainy area, and the air humidity is extremely high. Therefore, the comprehensive moisture content of the cement ma…

Application and advantages of Quartz Grinding Machine in cement plant

A cement plant is located in a high-temperature and rainy area, and the air humidity is extremely high. Therefore, the comprehensive moisture content of the cement material exceeds 3%, and the grinding becomes a big problem. The ordinary cement vertical grinding cannot operate normally. This is that the Quartz Grinding Machine has come in handy. For this kind of high-moisture material, it is just the right medicine, and the application effect is good.

First, the effect of moisture on cement vertical grinding

n the case of the vertical grinding and grinding media, the moisture of the material has a great influence on the grinding effect. When the moisture is large, it will cause the paste ball, the adhesive lining and the ring to reduce the impact force of the abrasive body; at the same time, the clogging of the raft will result in poor ventilation, and it is more difficult to dry the water, and the vertical grinding capacity is reduced or even difficult to grind. According to the test, after the internal moisture of the cement vertical mill reaches a certain level, “the average power consumption per 0.5% of the water is increased, the clinker is 1.3kWh/t, and the limestone moisture is 2.5%, the grinding sound becomes dull, the ring is closed, The greasy is quite serious & rdquo;. The problem encountered in actual production is that the material moisture exceeds 2.8%, which may cause blockage of the paste ball, the paste liner and the partition plate. This may be the actual production of the neutral mill, the ventilation effect is better than the laboratory vertical grinding condition. the reason.

However, when the material is ground, the water is not as low as possible. When there is not enough water and the covalent bond in the mineral to achieve chemical adsorption, it cannot be achieved because the adsorption film formation reduces the free surface enthalpy of the powder, making it difficult to agglomerate. In the ball, it is difficult to adhere to the lining plate and the grinding body, which is not conducive to energy saving and consumption reduction. This feature is more obvious in the vertical grinding. With the proper increase of moisture, the grinding work of the material shows a decreasing trend, that is, the water is easy to grind and the water is small and difficult to grind. This is also the reason why the water is sprayed inside the material when the material is too dry.

Second, the advantages of Quartz Grinding Machine

After analysis, the Quartz Grinding Machine can effectively solve the bonding problem caused by the above wet adhesive materials, and the device also has the following significant advantages:

Third, the application of Quartz Grinding Machine

In actual production, the clinker moisture of the cement plant is about 0.1%, the moisture of limestone and gypsum is 7.0% and 4.1%, respectively, and the moisture content of the milled material is 2.4%. Therefore, the inlet air temperature is maintained below 240 °C. Despite this, during the system commissioning process, the phenomenon of adhesion and clogging occurred in the vertical grinding inlet, and the problem was solved after adopting a series of measures such as expanding the passage area. However, in the vertical mill, after the material passes through the drying chamber, the situation of paste and blockage does not occur, indicating that the drying chamber plays its due role. After two weeks of continuous operation, the cement vertical mill completed the standard test. When producing CEMII/B cement, the system power consumption was 38.5kWh/t lower than the specified 41kWh/t, and the average output was 140t/h. After the system test was completed, it was The 150t/h capacity operation is higher than the specified 130t/h.

It can be seen from the above description that the Quartz Grinding Machine is very effective in the grinding of the wet adhesive material of the plant, and the operation is good and stable, and the product yield and quality are up to standard. Therefore, the device deserves a wide range of promotion. This type of cement vertical mill is manufactured and manufactured in Shanghai Shibang. The parameters are reasonable in design, novel and unique in structure, and the quality is excellent. Anyone who needs it can visit the factory at any time.


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