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Mineral Grinding Machine

Mineral Grinding Machine

Grinding grading and filling rate problem of Mineral Grinding Machine

In order to achieve the desired effect and increase the output of the Mineral Grinding Machine, it can be considered from many aspects. The internal grading and filling rate of the grinding machine is a key method of non-negligibility. Due to the variety, quality and characteristics of raw materials in various cement plants, there are some differences in the selection of filling rate and ball matching, but the general principle is unchanged.

1. The ball matching and filling rate should be compatible with the particle size and hardness of the grinding material.

When the particle size and hardness of the material are large, it is necessary to increase the impact force, and the impact energy is the product of the mass of the abrasive body and the impact height. Therefore, when the particle size is large and the hardness is high, the average ball diameter is increased. Big. Generally, when the particle size is large and the hardness is high, the filling rate is also high, but when the discharge in the bin is poor, the material ball is smaller than the hour, and the storage material is more, and the filling rate cannot be excessively increased, because the excessive filling rate will cause the inside of the bin. The space becomes smaller, which in turn affects the crushing effect. Generally, the average ball diameter and filling rate of a Mineral Grinding Machine are slightly higher than the average ball diameter and filling rate of a general flow mill.

2. The internal grading of the Mineral Grinding Machine should be adapted to the fineness of the product.

When the fineness of the product is coarse and the output requirement is high, the feeding amount is increased, the ball diameter ratio in the warehouse is decreased, and the buffering effect is generated, which affects the grinding effect. At this time, the average ball diameter should be increased to increase the impact force. In addition, it is also possible to increase the void ratio between the steel balls and accelerate the flow rate of the material.

3. The relationship between the gradation of the abrasive body and the particle size, hardness and product fineness of the material

When the Mineral Grinding Machine has large particle size, high hardness and low product fineness, the gradation of the ball can be more, the void ratio becomes smaller, and the material flow rate is reduced; if the fineness is relaxed in order to increase the yield, at this time, As the amount of material increases, the ratio of the ball diameter decreases. In order to reduce the buffer and speed up the discharge, the gradation should not be too much at this time. Generally, the double-sleeve flow can be used for 4 positions, and sometimes even 3 levels or 2 can be used. With the ball, it is necessary to explore the best ball fit for the factory according to the conditions of each factory.

In addition, in the mill, the length ratio of the first and second bins should be adjusted according to the particle size, hardness, and wearability of the material.

4. Reduce the particle size of the Mineral Grinding Machine

In order to achieve a substantial increase in the output of the Mineral Grinding Machine, the particle size of the milled material should be strictly controlled to 10mm, of course, the smaller the better. Try to put the crushing work outside the grinding, not only can reduce the power consumption of the system grinding, but also create good conditions for the material to dry in the grinding, because the smaller the particle size, the larger the contact area with the hot air, the more the water Easy to evaporate, the better the material drying effect, creating the preconditions for the high productivity of the Mineral Grinding Machine.

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