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Milling Machine For Marble And Granite

Milling Machine For Marble And Granite

Marble And Granite Milling Machine Roller Bearing Daily Maintenance

1. Roller Assembly Should Not Be Too Tight, And Should Not Be Too Loose.

Before installing the bearing, it is necessary to check it to see if the quality is good, the quality is good, and the bearing with good quality is beneficial to the smooth development of the Marble And Granite Milling Machine technology, which is also conducive to the follow-up work and reduce the intermediate loss. It should not be too tight and too loose during installation. If it is too tight, it will lead to faster wear and reduce the gap between the raceways, resulting in increased temperature and reduced service life. At the same time, when the bearing of the Marble And Granite Milling Machine is damaged, too tight will also make it difficult to remove from the grinding roller, which brings further difficulty to the work of the Marble And Granite Milling Machine.

If it is too loose, the gap between the grinding channels will increase, and the grinding roller and the bearing of the Marble And Granite Milling Machine cannot be closely connected. When the grinding roller rotates, the occlusion phenomenon often occurs, and the two are bitten to each other, and the bearing can no longer be detached from the grinding roller, which may damage the grinding roller.

2, Using The Correct Assembly Method

When assembling, the first thing to check is the size of the Marble And Granite Milling Machine bearing. After the test is finished, be sure to check whether the check is correct. After ensuring that it is completely correct, you can prepare for the next step. Then you must carry out certain protective treatment to ensure that it is not Will enter dust and water stains and other pollutants.

During the assembly process, always pay attention to the time and temperature. The time and temperature required for different grinding rolls are different. The oxidized cortex produced by heating must be cleaned up. After the assembly is completed, the inspection should be continued to prevent the gap between the inner bearing and the outer diameter from increasing, which has a serious impact on the grinding roller.

3, The Amount Of Lubricant Should Be Sufficient, The Category Should Be Good

Excellent lubricants and high cost performance can achieve certain benefits. It is best to use industrial oils with high viscosity and good stability. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the temperature of the Marble And Granite Milling Machine bearing, adjust to the appropriate temperature and increase the oil pressure, increase the oil quantity, reduce the running-in between the grinding roller and the bearing of the Marble And Granite Milling Machine, and prevent the damage of the Marble And Granite Milling Machine bearing.

4, To Ensure The Sealing Of The Grinding Roller

The tightness of the grinding rolls also has a large impact on the bearings of the Marble And Granite Milling Machine. Be sure to use a special rotating oil for sealing, not only to lubricate, but also to prevent dust, water and dust from entering.

If the sealing effect is poor, the gas will enter the sealing zone from it, and then enter the bearing zone, causing unnecessary damage to the Marble And Granite Milling Machine bearing, the lubrication effect will also be reduced, and even the surface of the raceway will fall off, and the grinding roller will be increased. Number of repairs.

5, Effective Collection Of Materials

With the advancement of the times and the development of high technology, it is possible to adopt a new material cleaning device, adopt the working principle of the belt conveyor, and use a good driving system to collect the materials leaked by the machine during operation and prevent it from contaminating the equipment.

6, Regular Cleaning And Cleaning Device

For the grinding roller device, not only the good configuration, but also the maintenance work must be done to reduce the problem. The Marble And Granite Milling Machine device is used for a long time, and the parts on the corresponding grinding roller must have a lot of dust and dirt, and even some iron filings, and must be sent to the staff for cleaning.

After all parts have been cleaned, they can be scrubbed with diesel to ensure the quality of the parts. For the oil hole, it must be purged with compressed air to ensure that the oil used previously is completely blown out, and then the new dry oil is injected and repeated. When cleaning parts, pay attention to the order of cleaning, do not leak in order, and keep the parts clean and tidy.

7. Strengthen The Management Of Construction Employees

Regular training for staff to ensure the updating of staff skills in real time. It is necessary to employ highly skilled and qualified personnel to carry out construction. If any personnel who fail to meet the technical requirements are found, they will be ordered to stop working to ensure the stability of the personnel throughout the construction process to ensure the smooth progress of the entire project.

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