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What should I do if the Mica Mill does not discharge the powder?                          The powder is sprayed outward at the feed port. The reason why the Mica Mill exhibits this condition is that the device is not properly for…

What should I do if the Mica Mill does not discharge the powder?


The powder is sprayed outward at the feed port. The reason why the Mica Mill exhibits this condition is that the device is not properly formed when the dust collector is equipped, because the dust collector is subjected to circulating wind to reach the dust removing effect. If the device is not properly mixed, the heat and air volume generated during the powder process of the Mica Mill will be mixed with each other, and the appearance of dusting at the feed port will be formed. The treatment method is an accurate device dust collector, and the timing is on the Mica Mill. The ventilation ducts are arranged.

The discharge of the Mica Mill does not produce powder. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the discharge port of the separator is closed, because the discharge of the Mica Mill uses the principle of air separation and uses circulating air to realize discharge. If the separator’s discharge port is not closed tightly, it will not show the appearance of powder. Another reason is that because the moisture content of the material is high, the clogging of the discharge port is formed. This method of treatment can select a blower with a higher power or manipulate the moisture content of the material.

Fully master the advantages of Mica Mill and more favorable production operation

Every machine has its strengths. These strengths are sometimes the aspects that users are interested in and the locals that bring value to users. Understanding the strengths of Mica Mills can deepen the understanding of Mica Mills and understand the needs of users themselves.

In a grinding production line, sometimes the floor space of the production line brings great trouble to the user. In the production line, not only the belt conveyor that transports the material but also the length of the pipe is small, and the area of ​​the good machine itself is small. some. In the milling equipment, most of the milling equipment is a vertical structure, and the Mica Mill is also one of them. One advantage of the vertical structure is that the floor space is small, relatively systematic, and two It is possible to install a plurality of systems in a standing manner, and the entire grinding process can be completed by the flow of the simple airflow, so the Mica Mill is more systematic. The Mica Mill is capable of independently breaking, grinding, grading and transporting materials, all of which are completed by a variety of individual systems installed on the Mica Mill. In addition, the Mica Mill can be an independent production system from raw material processing to transportation to milling and final packaging.

The Mica Mill has a higher screening rate than other milling equipment. The sieving rate is a percentage that describes the amount of granules or powder passing through a sieve in the milling industry and is often used to describe the effect of grinding. The effect of the screening rate on the output value is usually the higher the screening rate demand, the higher the precision and fineness of the processing required, and the more complicated the processing steps. Therefore, it can be said that if a Mica Mill has a high screening rate. It shows that the lower the output value of the film in the case of equal fineness. The Mica Mill has a high screening rate and can reach 99%.

The main drive shaft of the Mica Mill is a closed gearbox and pulley drive. This transmission method ensures that the machine can work smoothly and work reliably.

The machine parts in the Mica Mill wear faster, and the powder material is simply accumulated in the machine, which causes the damage of the machine to accelerate. For this question, the Mica Mill uses high-quality castings and profiles to make some major components. The precision of the production and the rigorous process of making the machine ensure the use and solidity of the whole machine.

The Mica Mill is very convenient in the operation of the system. Its electrical system is selected to control the active operation in the grinding workshop, the personnel cost is low, and the maintenance of the machine is convenient.


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