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Marble Granite Crushing Machine

Marble Granite Crushing Machine

Marble Granite Crushing Machine flying phenomenon

During the production process, the moving cone part of the Marble Granite Crushing Machine performs periodic swinging movement at a certain speed, but often for some special reasons, the rotating speed of the moving cone will suddenly increase, and the body will vibrate in an instant, and the safety spring or the safety cylinder is at In the abnormal working state, the working current increases instantaneously, and the return oil temperature rises sharply. This is called a flying car.

Marble Granite Crushing Machine speed reason

The Marble Granite Crushing Machine has two important moving parts: the crushing cone and the eccentric shaft that oscillate in space. The axis of the crushing cone intersects the centerline of the body at the center of the spherical bearing. When the crusher is running, the axis of the crushing cone moves under the traction of the eccentric sleeve and makes a conical surface movement around the center line of the body. At the same time, under the action of the friction generated by the gravity of the self and the main shaft, the crushing cone makes a relative rotational motion around its own axis, and the center point of its motion remains stationary during the movement of the crushing cone. It can be seen that the rotational motion of the crushing cone is composed of the pulling motion and the relative motion, and the absolute rotation can promote the uniformity of the granularity of the broken product and reduce the wear of the lining. However, the number of revolutions of this absolute rotation should not be too high, generally not more than 15 rpm, otherwise it will destroy the normal operation of the crusher. The main reason for the “speeding” failure is that the clearance between the main shaft of the crushing cone and the tapered bushing is too small; the main shaft of the crushing cone is lifted; the spherical bearing is in contact with the inner ring of the spherical surface of the crushing cone.

The inner wall of the taper sleeve is of poor quality

The quality of the inner wall of the taper sleeve is not closed, resulting in a point friction between the taper sleeve and the main shaft, and the oil film is destroyed, which causes the spindle’s rotation to be out of control, resulting in a “flying”.

Copper sleeve and spindle clearance are not suitable

When assembling, the gap between the copper sleeve and the main shaft is too large or too small, which will affect the Marble Granite Crushing Machine. When the clearance is too large, the cone sleeve and the main shaft will collide, and the moving cone will violently yaw, causing the body to vibrate strongly. When the clearance is too small, the lubricating oil in the place where the copper sleeve and the main shaft are in contact may be reduced or drained, and the lubricating oil film may not be formed or the thickness of the oil film may be insufficient to cause “flying”.

Bad tile scraping

If the ball is improperly scraped during maintenance, the radius of the contactable spherical surface will become smaller, and the speed of the circumferential line will be increased. When the rotational speed is too high, centrifugal force will gradually form, resulting in a “speeding” phenomenon.

Cone sleeve load is too large

When the taper sleeve is running, non-crushed material enters the crushing cavity (over-iron), causing the load to be too large, causing the zinc in the fixed taper sleeve to fall off, causing the taper sleeve to smash, and the gap between the main shaft and the taper sleeve becomes smaller, forming a “hug axis” “The main shaft will follow the eccentric sleeve to run quickly and “speed”.

Poor lubrication

Due to the failure of the dust-proof device or the lack of sealing, some of the dust in the crushing chamber enters the lubricating oil path, resulting in various lubrication parts (between the bottom of the crushing cone and the spherical bearing, between the moving cone and the eccentric sleeve, between the large and small bevel gears, Poor lubrication between the horizontal axis and the sleeve) creates friction. The oil temperature of the lubrication system keeps rising. When the temperature is close to or higher than 55 °C, the viscosity of the oil drops, and the oil film inside the ball cannot be formed effectively, resulting in a “speeding” phenomenon.

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