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Marble Crusher And Grinding

Marble Crusher And Grinding

Ten common faults and Countermeasures of Marble Crusher And Grinding Machine

The Marble Crusher And Grinding Machine is suitable for the crushing of different material specifications by using the principle of “rock strike iron”. It not only has a large crushing ratio, but also has a low unit power consumption. It fully meets the technological requirements of “more breaking and less grinding”, and is widely used in mine production. However, the working environment of the Marble Crusher And Grinding Machine is relatively bad, and after a long period of operation, it is inevitable that there will be failures. Once the failure is stopped, it will directly delay the construction period and cause great losses. But if you know the common faults and solutions of the Marble Crusher And Grinding Machine, you can quickly find the cause of the fault and solutions, quickly restore normal production, reduce losses.

  • 1, counterattack crusher boot equipment does not turn. Check whether the material in front of the feeder falls into the crushing cavity due to the shutdown vibration, causing the material to block the rotor. It is necessary to clean the material in the crushing chamber and start it again.
  • 2, the Marble Crusher And Grinding Machine bearing fever. The bearing should be inspected for good lubrication. Under normal conditions, the lubricating oil should be filled with 50% of the bearing capacity. Another condition is that the lubricating oil is deteriorated and sticky, and the bearing needs to be cleaned and replaced with new lubricating oil.
  • 3, equipment vibration abnormal. Possible reasons and solutions are: may be the size of the feed is too large; wear-resistant parts uneven, counterattack hammer head need to be replaced; rotor imbalance, need to adjust, check the balance; check whether the equipment anchor bolt is tight, and appropriate reinforcement.
  • 4, counterattack crusher belt inversion. Mainly because of the belt breakage, need to replace the triangle belt, pay attention to ensure the quality of the belt; or because of the inappropriate assembly of the pulley, the need to adjust the active and driven pulley on the same plane.
  • 5, the machine bearing is bent or broken. The main reasons are the long-term overload operation of the main engine, improper heat treatment of the bearing, and the hardness of the crushed material exceeding the standard. During processing, new bearings must be replaced, and timely maintenance and repair should be paid attention to in the future operation.
  • 6, the crusher crusher smash. There are many reasons for this kind of failure, such as blockage of discharge port, slippage of belt, low voltage, bearing damage and so on. These problems should be eliminated one by one, such as removing blockages from the discharge port, tightening the belt, increasing the voltage and ensuring voltage stability, replacing bearings, etc.
  • 7, the spring parts of the equipment are fractured. The reason for this failure is that the spring is not relaxed when the small discharge port is adjusted. Therefore, the broken springs must be replaced during processing.
  • 8, abnormal noise inside the crushing chamber. The machine should be stopped immediately to check whether the crushing chamber contains metal impurities or parts broken, and clean up the crushing chamber; check the tightening of the internal lining plate and the gap between the hammer and the lining plate, the gap is too small can also lead to abnormal sound.
  • 9, the equipment has glue smell in operation. The main cause of this problem is that the belt skidding, friction with the pulley produces a pungent rubber smell, or the rotor stuck, need to check the rotor cavity and solve in time.
  • 10, the granularity is large. It shows that the plate hammer or the lining plate of the counter-attack crusher is worn seriously, which causes the gap between the plate hammer and the counter-attack plate to be too large, adjusts the gap between the front and rear counter-attack frame, or replaces the lining plate and the plate hammer; adjusts the position of the counter-attack frame to make the gap between the two sides and the lining plate of the frame even; if the lining plate on the frame is worn seriously, it should be replaced in time.

Understanding the operation of equipment, actual operating conditions, and possible failures, problems encountered in a rapid response, timely solution, can effectively avoid the loss caused by failure shutdown. If you have more equipment problems and solutions, please add your message.

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