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Gypsum Pillars Making Plant

Gypsum Pillars Making Plant

Gypsum Pillars Making Plant spindle fracture prevention measures

  • 1. For operators responsible for shoveling, loading and transporting, it is necessary to raise the awareness of maintenance and maintenance of the equipment to ensure the integrity of the bucket, the conveyor belt and the hinge pins to ensure that it does not produce metallic impurities. At the same time, timely repair and replacement of some worn gears and their surrounding components.
  • 2. During the working process of the Gypsum Pillars Making Plant, the operator needs to check whether the lubrication condition of the equipment is good under the premise of safety, and pay attention to observe the operating load of the equipment. Observe whether the equipment has oil pressure, oil temperature and abnormal noise during operation.
  • The operator should improve the inspection of the materials, find foreign objects in time and pick them out. At the same time, real-time monitoring of the working condition of the equipment is required, and it is necessary to timely process and report when the sound, current, and vibration are abnormal, thereby preventing the impact of the accident from becoming large.
  • 3. On-site maintenance personnel must replace the scrapped parts in time when they are inspecting and repairing the equipment, and recycle them. It is strictly forbidden to discard all kinds of metal materials into the ore. At the same time, some parts that are adjacent to the scrapped, scrapped edge need to be replaced directly. When repairing equipment, it is necessary to strictly abide by the relevant rules and regulations, and use the standard behavior to avoid leaving debris and maintenance tools in the Gypsum Pillars Making Plant.
  • 4. In daily work, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of feed at all times to avoid the phenomenon of excessive feedstock, which may cause the possibility of spindle breakage.
  • 5. Strengthen the professional skills training for operators in each link, improve the actual operation ability of the operators as much as possible, improve the maintenance effect on the equipment, timely overhaul and repair the equipment, and ensure that the equipment is in good working condition for a long time.
  • 6. For the main shaft, crusher torso and other important equipment parts, inventory backup should be done to avoid the production system from being stopped after special circumstances, thus affecting the overall fluency of production. At the same time, the establishment of a sound management file system can effectively help business managers to identify the application and failure of mechanical equipment, and help managers to adopt targeted improvement measures.

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