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Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine

Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine

Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine

The purpose of Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine maintenance is to restore the mechanical properties of the equipment, to ensure and extend the production efficiency and service life of the equipment. The general Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine maintenance process is: check the size of the gear, the feed end seal ring, the feed end machinery Sealing, tile shaft wear, liners, high voltage motors, pneumatic clutches and couplings, bearings, Lincoln jet pumps, thin oil stations.

Maintenance of main parts of Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine

1. Main bearing: When the Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine is overhauled or accidentally burnt, the main bearing (hollow bearing bush) needs to be repaired or replaced. If it is not serious (partial burning, melting, cracking, falling off, etc.), it should be repaired by welding repaired babbitt alloy; if the wear or damage is serious, the babbitt alloy should be re-cast, and the alloy layer should be processed with 4-6mm. The remaining amount, the surface of the main bearing after casting should not have defects such as blisters, pores and cracks. For example, the depth of the blisters and pores is not more than 4mm, the area is not more than 2cm2 or micro-cracks, and can be processed after repair welding, such as large defects. Should be re-cast. After pouring, it is necessary to carry out scraping, apply the display agent on the finished shaft surface, rotate the grinding point, display the spots, scrape off with a scraper, repeatedly display repeated scraping, so that the contact area of ​​the main bearing working surface Gradually expand until a uniform point is displayed on the contact surface. Do not use too much force when scraping, so as not to scrape too deep, the traces of the knife should be thin, and staggered, the contact point is not less than 1-2 points / cm2.

2, the cylinder: the Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine cylinder is protected by the lining plate. Under normal circumstances, the cylinder is not easy to wear, but at the two ends of the cover, due to the long-term operation of the equipment, the connecting bolt is loose, causing sand leakage, Wear and repair at this time. Mark the contact between the end cap and the cylinder and disassemble it, clean it, scrape it, scrape it off, put 0.5mm thick red steel paper on it, apply it with lead oil, reassemble it according to the mark on the disassembly, first position it. The bolts are introduced, the fastening bolts are evenly tightened, and the stabilizing bolts are attached. In some cases, the casing is worn out due to improper installation of the lining or excessive clearance. At this time, the repaired steel plate is used for repair.

3. Hollow journal: The common problem of the hollow journal of the Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine is that the inner sleeve of the journal will wear, so that the slurry enters the hole in the hollow journal, causing serious wear or damage of the hollow journal. When a crack occurs in the hollow journal, it should be repaired after the welding; when a hole is formed, the steel plate should be repaired and reworked. For cracks, loopholes or hidden large pits, they must be carefully inspected and disposed of. When the journal wear is too thin or cracked, the hole is severe, and when the journal is broken, the hole in the journal should be worn too much. Under the condition that the inner fit is not affected, the steel plate is strengthened and the journal is increased. Flexural shear strength.

Precautions for the removal and assembly process of the Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine

1. Ready and use the general tools and professional tools for disassembly and assembly;

2, cleaning and maintenance is to avoid the loss of bolts, nuts, springs and other small parts;

3. Use even force when disassembling. If it is difficult to disassemble, check the cause. Do not dismantle it to avoid damage to the parts.

4. Lifting the Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine is to pay attention to safety and prevent the Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine from rotating due to the bias;

5. The different axial degrees of the Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine drive shaft and motor shaft should be less than 0.3mm;

6. Under normal circumstances, gear collision will not occur after the gear cover is assembled.

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