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Coal Grinding Mill Plant Manufacturers

Coal Grinding Mill Plant Manufacturers

Reasons for the reduction of powder output in Coal Grinding Mills

Guide: Some users report that when using the Coal Grinding Mill for milling production, the machine’s discharge volume is reduced or sometimes not powdered. I want to find a solution for us, and we consulted relevant experts and hoped that they gave it. The following suggestions and solutions can help your production.

Before giving the user’s advice, let’s first take a look at the grinding principle of the company’s Coal Grinding Mill. The Coal Grinding Mill is a product for users to compare high-fine material grinding. It can grind materials to between 200 and 400 mesh. Therefore, it has important applications in general construction, chemical and other industries.

When the Coal Grinding Mill developed by the company is in the production of grinding powder, after the material enters the milling cavity from the feeding port, it will fall between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The grinding roller will be driven by the reducer and be driven by the spindle and plum. The frame is driven to rotate at a high speed, so that the grinding roller sleeve on the grinding roller will perform centrifugal movement, and the centrifugal roller sleeve will squeeze the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to grind the material. The ground material will fall into the area of ​​the blade below, and if the fineness of these powder materials is not enough to be blown away by the wind, it will be thrown by the blade and fall back between the grinding roller and the grinding ring twice. Grinding, knowing that the fineness of the material meets the requirements. The materials taken by the wind will pass through the classifier and be collected by the dust collector to form the finished material. This is the grinding principle of the Coal Grinding Mill. The following questions are answered for the user.

Q: What is the reason for the reduced amount of powder in the Coal Grinding Mill?

A: After the user understands the grinding principle of the Coal Grinding Mill, it is easier to understand the reason for the powder. First of all, when the machine is worn out due to long-term use, the processing amount of the blade, the grinding roller, the grinding ring, etc. is decreased, so that the processing amount is reduced; secondly, because the product is obtained in the production of the powder, the fineness of the finished product is obtained. The degree is relatively large, so when the humidity of the material is high, it is easy to cause blockage of the powder passage, resulting in a decrease in the amount of powder discharged or even no powder; after that, according to the principle of grinding of the machine, we know that the movement of the powder is through the wind. To drive, and this wind is the result of the exhaust fan exhausting at the end of the system, so the inside of the system is a negative pressure system, if the system leaks due to damage, it will also lead to reduced or even no powder.

Q: How to solve the problem of Coal Grinding Mill production for the above phenomenon?

A: Generally, do the following three points, regularly check the wear of wear parts and replace them in time; air dry the materials before grinding to ensure that the humidity is below 6%; check the system accessories regularly for damage and solve them in time.

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