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How to deal with the rust of the Clinker Grinding Mill? How to solve the mine waste problem? The Clinker Grinding Mill is a new product developed by our Shibang machine grinding equipment manufacturers in continuous testing. The eme…

How to deal with the rust of the Clinker Grinding Mill? How to solve the mine waste problem?

The Clinker Grinding Mill is a new product developed by our Shibang machine grinding equipment manufacturers in continuous testing. The emergence of this equipment has enabled customers to have a better choice in the grinding equipment industry. Clinker Grinding Mill production The fineness of the powder material is between 425 mesh and 2500 mesh, which is mainly used to produce high-fine powder materials of 2000 mesh to 2500 mesh, and the general fineness of the general mill equipment is only 2500 mesh. Left and right, and the effect is good, it is also the production of powder materials of 425 mesh to 2000 mesh fineness. The cement production line is often used. The raw material is slag. After the slag material processed by the Clinker Grinding Mill is added to the cement production line, it can improve the cement’s cohesiveness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and frost resistance, thus improving the concrete. Strength, which in turn improves the quality of our construction.

However, if the grinding equipment production line is rusted, use the rust removal method mentioned in the previous article. If it is only a small area of ​​rust removal, how to proceed? Some slight scratches or rust on the mill. If you put it on, it will rust easily, and it will gradually corrode other places, causing greater losses. Over time, it will affect the service life of the equipment. But it is not worthwhile to brush the entire brush again. Then, Xiaobian introduces some manual rust removal methods: the touch up pen can handle small scratches: If the rust is not very serious, you can use the very fine water sandpaper to rub the rust spots gently, but avoid the directionlessly. Grinding, you must polish the straight line. After completely wiping, apply a primer. If it is a new scratch, it can be cleaned and applied directly to the primer. The ultra-fine vertical mill can purchase a touch up pen and color it with a touch up pen. Although such a treatment does not have the original effect, if it is a small or inconspicuous scar, it can also prevent the rust from expanding and aggravating. Generally, regular manufacturers will provide such touch up pens, which will reduce the workload of post-maintenance and increase production efficiency.

Next, we will explain the problem of solving the mine waste problem with the mill. As a professional manufacturer of ore milling equipment, we are committed to providing customers with professional and reliable mine stone milling equipment. Everyone knows that slag refers to solid waste that cannot be utilized in the process of mining. The Clinker Grinding Mill is a series of production equipment specially used for mining and processing enterprises to solve slag. It is mainly used to process ore into Ultrafine powder for production needs in all walks of life. The fineness of the material processed by the Clinker Grinding Mill reduces the discharge of slag and avoids piles around the mine.

After being processed into powder by Clinker Grinding Mill, the slag can be applied to industrial applications such as construction and metallurgy, which promotes the secondary recycling of solid waste. It not only solves the problem of refractory slag, but also reduces the harm to the environment and creates a huge amount of Economic gains can be described as one-shot. However, when using the mine Clinker Grinding Mill, we must check the moisture content of the material. The water content of the material processed by the mill is generally not allowed to exceed 6%. If the water content exceeds 6%, it will It affects the processing of Clinker Grinding Mills. Generally, there is a matching drying equipment in the Clinker Grinding Mill production line. The production line configuration drawings of Shibang Machinery will be designed according to the actual situation of the manufacturer and the materials processed. Therefore, it is very important to purchase the product in the actual test machine. The customer can also understand according to the previously purchased enterprise provided by the manufacturer, which is more intuitive and effective.

The birth of the Clinker Grinding Mill solves the problem that solid waste has been difficult to handle for a long time, protects the environment and promotes the rapid development of the powder manufacturing industry, especially its ultra-high stone powder processing fineness enables the finished product to play in more fields. The important role is to increase market value and reduce waste of resources, so that limited mineral resources can be fully utilized.

Of course, there are still many problems with the mill or the Clinker Grinding Mill. We welcome you to choose from some questions or ask us some new questions. Firstly, you can find out the problem of the mill machine failure. Checklist, we will continue to work hard to bring you more professional answer.


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