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Clay Grinding

Clay Grinding

Clay Grinding Machine manufacturers

There are many manufacturers of Clay Grinding Machines in Henan Province, but there are very few manufacturers specializing in the production of Clay Grinding Machines. Shanghai Shibang Machinery Factory is one of the manufacturers specializing in the production of Clay Grinding Machines. There are many manufacturers of mining machinery in Henan Province, especially the one in Fuyang City. However, they are some small factories, some of which can’t even be said to be manufacturers, but the small companies that are in the form of workshops. The quality of the machines produced is unreliable and has not been certified by the national IS9001. It is incomparable with old brand companies such as Shanghai Shibang. Our Shanghai Shibang Machinery Factory is a professional Clay Grinding Machine manufacturer. The price of its Clay Grinding Machine is also in the standard price in the industry. It is said that the quality and price are low. Welcome customers to come to the site for inspection.

Compared with small workshop-style companies, Shanghai Shibang Company has advantages in Clay Grinding Machine production, quality and price. Please see the conclusions we have made through actual comparison.

  • One: save power. Older devices save more than 40% of power. The product has a relatively uniform particle size and less coarse particles and slime. The particle size characteristics of the Clay Grinding Machine product and the ball mill product are almost the same as those of the open-bar milled product.
  • Second: the discharge granularity is more uniform and the output is higher. The advanced controllable in-and-out Clay Grinding Machine technology is combined with the actual user’s grinding material to match the appropriate grinding body. The surface contact of the traditional ball mill is changed to line contact, so that the discharge size of the sand making machine is more uniform and the output is more uniform. Higher, suitable for ore with different hardness (Mohs hardness 5.5~12).
  • Three: The fineness of the discharge is adjustable. The particle size of the discharge can be changed by simple adjustment, the fineness control device is built in, the screening device can be added with the screening device, and the two gates are closed to ensure that neither the over-grinding nor the unqualified product is mixed into the finished product. The particle size characteristics of the rod mill product are related to the condition of the rod milled ore. When the rod hits the ore, the first is to grind the coarse particles, and then the smaller ore particles are ground, thus reducing the risk of over-grinding. When the rods are turned up along the lining, the coarse particles are sandwiched between them, as if the rods are sieved, so that the fine particles pass between the slits of the rods, which is also advantageous for crushing the coarse particles and for concentrating the coarse particles in the grinding medium. The place to fight. Therefore, the product of the rod mill is relatively uniform and the pulverization is lighter.

Shanghai Shibang Company always believes that technology is a productive force. The company’s top management always pays attention to the technological development of the machinery industry, and applies the science and technology of the line to our production and to our machines. In this way, the quality of the Clay Grinding Machine we produce will get better and better.

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