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Clay Grind

Clay Grind

Reasons for the increase of the current of the Clay Grinder fan

As a common milling equipment, the Clay Grinder plays an important role in the powder processing of various materials. However, during the operation of the Clay Grinder, if the operation is improper, the fan current rise is likely to occur, which has a great influence on the milling operation. Here, we focus on the reasons for the increase in the current of the Clay Grinder fan.

1, the wind tunnel blocking material. In the Clay Grinder production, the qualified fine powder separated by the analytical machine enters the dust collector through the pipeline to obtain the finished product. With the extension of the working time of the Clay Grinder, a small amount of fine powder is continuously deposited in the place where the pipeline bends. Over time, the fine powder in the air duct will become more and more, especially in the corners, it is easy to form a blocking material. In this case, the wind opportunity has a fever and an increase in current. Therefore, when the current of the Clay Grinder fan rises, we must stop the inspection to see if there is too much fine powder in the air duct to effectively clean it.

2. Feeding is too fast. When we feed the Clay Grinder too fast and the feed amount is too much, it may cause the grinding machine to grind and replenish the powder to form a blockage of the grinding cavity, which will cause the shape of the main body and the pipe to not circulate, not only adding The wear power consumption of the large grinding roller ring is also easy to form a moving breaker fan current increase. Therefore, maintaining a uniform uniform feed is also an important way to avoid the current increase of the Clay Grinder fan.

3. The wind is insufficient. The wind turbine is an important part of the Clay Grinder, and the wind power of the wind turbine is also one of the key components to ensure the smooth operation of the milling operation. Therefore, if the fan of the Clay Grinder is insufficient, the material is difficult to be blown up, and the fan current will increase accordingly.

There are more than one factor that causes the current of the Clay Grinder fan to rise. This requires us to pay attention to the correct operation method in the process of using the Clay Grinder, and carry out regular maintenance and repair of the equipment. Once the problem is found, it should be solved immediately. So as not to affect the smooth operation of the milling operation.

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