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Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher

Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher

How to solve the runaway problem of Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher

Generally speaking, there are two main reasons for the “flying car” of the conical crusher: one is that the gap between the spindle and the conical sleeve is too small or the ball pad is scraped and lapped improperly due to the overhaul and adjustment; the other is that the operation and maintenance are improper, and the lubricating oil is not qualified or invalid. Therefore, we can solve the problem of “flying car” from the following aspects.

Ensure full contact between spindle and cone sleeve.

Ensure the assembly clearance between the inner and outer holes of the cone sleeve, ensure that the spindle and the cone sleeve are in full contact with each other (the gap between the cone sleeve and the movable cone can be changed by adding a pad to the bearing seat of the spherical surface). The cone sleeve and the shaft sleeve must be fixed with a melted zinc alloy to ensure that there is no relative movement between them.

The gap between the hollow eccentric sleeve and the nylon vertical set is reasonable.

The excessive clearance will cause the hollow eccentric shaft and the main shaft to tilt very much, which will cause the moving cone and the eccentric sleeve can not contact completely, will cause the bushing to overheat locally, the swing amplitude will increase, the vibration will intensify; too small will cause the inner and outer bushes to heat up.

Choose lubricant carefully.

When choosing lubricating oil, it is necessary to select the lubricating oil strictly according to the requirement of the number of equipments, to ensure that the indexes and standards are consistent, especially the viscosity and fluidity. Make sure that lubricating oil is of standard grease, and that deteriorating or dirty oiliness can accelerate gears, wear bushes and bowl bushes, and even grind them to death.

Uniform feed

In the Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher, the feeding must be uniform and not offset. If the uneven feeding capacity will be reduced, product size is too large, frequent spring action, bowl bearing pressure, power consumption increases. Too much pressure will also cause “runaway” and broken shaft accidents.

When the oil quantity is insufficient, the lower cover of the rack, transmission bearings and flange plates, dust-proof devices and various tubing joints should be checked for oil leakage, whether the oil inlet pipeline and oil filter are blocked, whether the oil level of the tank is suitable, whether the oil inlet of the oil pump is normal, and the problems should be solved immediately.

The clearance between the main shaft and the conical bushing of the conical crusher should meet the technical requirements. If the clearance is too small, the method of adding gaskets between the ring contact surface of the spherical bearing frame and the body frame can be adopted to make the crushing cone rise so as to change the clearance between the main shaft and the conical bushing so as to meet the technical requirements.

It is found that the contact between spherical bearing and crushing conical spherical surface in inner ring also changes, which affects the stability of crushing cone. The spherical bearing is scraped and lapped to make the crushing cone contact with the spherical bearing in outer ring.

Because of the bad working environment, Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher is unavoidable to run in operation. There are many reasons for the phenomenon of “flying car” and “stuffy car” of conical crusher. Only by constantly summing up experience in actual operation, operating strictly according to the operation and maintenance rules of equipment, and correctly handling faults, can the production efficiency and efficiency of conical crusher be effectively improved.

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