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Cement Mill Manufacturers In India

Cement Mill Manufacturers In India

Cement Mill spindle structure

The main bearing is an important part of the Cement Mill. It has a large load, a large linear speed, and can withstand certain shocks and vibrations. These distinctive features require Cement Mill suppliers to control their shape, size and surface finish.

The main bearing consists essentially of three parts: the main bearing bush, the bearing housing, and the lubrication system. Among them, the main bearing is the weight of the main bearing.

Introduction to Cement Mill spindle

The movable crusher main shaft, spherical shape, is installed at the concave spherical surface at the bottom of the bearing, and is generally made of lead-based bearing alloy.

Cement Mill spindle characteristics

It has good strength, plasticity, polymerizability, friction reduction, wear resistance, lubricity, heat transfer and easy replacement. Only with these characteristics can the requirements of the main bearing be well lubricated, and it is well adapted to the low speed and heavy load working environment of the Cement Mill.

Main shaft lubrication principle

The oil ring runs with the hollow shaft of the Cement Mill, and the oil from the oil ring is scraped onto the oiler by the scraping oil body, and then the oil is evenly sprinkled onto the hollow shaft by the oiler, in the hollow shaft and An oil film is formed between the surfaces contacting the main bearing bushes, and the friction surfaces are separated to obtain hydrodynamic lubrication, thereby reducing the wear between the hollow shaft and the main bearing bush, and ensuring the normal operation of the Cement Mill.

Main shaft overheating problem

If the temperature is too high, the Papphire surface of the main bearing surface is financialized, causing the phenomenon of burning tiles, and the Cement Mill cannot work.

Main shaft overheating

The main bearing has a large amount of heat, which cannot be dissipated in time, accumulates continuously, and the temperature rises too high. It can also be analyzed from two aspects:

1. Various failures of Cement Mills

The spindle tile is poorly scraped, the lubrication type is improperly selected, the lubrication system is not good, the operation is not in place, the hollow shaft and the spiral barrel are not well insulated, the hot material is fed for a long time, the ventilation is not good, the external cooling is insufficient, the main bearing has cracks, etc.

2, the quality of the main bearing tile

Focus on two aspects, the quality of Cement Mill materials and the quality of casting and manufacturing.

Main shaft overheating solution

Properly shorten the length of the main bearing of the Cement Mill, so that more oil enters between the main shaft and the bearing.

The concave spherical surface of the main bearing and the concave spherical surface of the bearing seat are modified, and the spherical surface is circumferentially contacted and positioned at 45 degrees. After scraping, the molybdenum disulfide grease is applied on the contact surface to ensure flexible rotation of the spherical tile.

The contact angle of the bearing bush with the hollow shaft is reduced while the wedge gap between them is enlarged.

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