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Calcite Powder Grinding Mill

Calcite Powder Grinding Mill

Reasons for High Temperature of Bearing of Calcite Powder Grinding Mill and Solutions

Calcite Powder Grinding Mill is generally the grinding equipment of the grinding production line. The equipment mainly grinds the stone. It can grind and superfine grinding all kinds of ore, rock and other materials whose compressive strength is not more than 320 MPa. On the basis of ordinary grinder, a comprehensive technical upgrade has been carried out, and the Calcite Powder Grinding Mill has become one of the widely used grinder series at present. In the process of using Calcite Powder Grinding Mill, many users have reported that the bearing temperature is too high. In view of this situation, this paper will give a detailed introduction to its causes and solutions.

Reasons for High Temperature of Bearings in Calcite Powder Grinding Mill

1. Insufficient Lubrication

Ensuring good lubrication of Calcite Powder Grinding Mill bearings is an important measure to reduce production wear and improve economic efficiency. Whether the lubrication system can work properly is the premise of good lubrication of equipment. When the bearing is oil-cut, the friction will increase and the temperature will rise naturally. When the lubricating oil is injected too much, not only a large amount of lubricating grease will be wasted, but also the lubricating system will be disordered and the temperature will rise. When the oil hole is blocked, the phenomenon of temperature rise will also occur.

2. Improper Use Of Lubricating Grease

The choice of lubricating oil also affects the temperature rise of bearings. Too large or too small viscosity is not easy to form oil film, which can lead to excessive temperature rise of bearings. Especially when the viscosity of lubricating oil is high, it not only increases the internal friction between lubricating oil molecules, but also increases the friction between oil products and metals, thus generating too much heat.

3. Serious Wear Of Bearings

After long-term use of Calcite Powder Grinding Mill, wear and tear of wearable parts such as bearings will be serious, and then use, not only can not achieve the effect, but also will cause temperature rise, which has a negative impact on the operation of the entire equipment.


1. Timely Lubrication

Addition amount and addition of lubricating grease

2. Proper Selection Of Lubricating Grease

When choosing grease, we must choose grease with high viscosity, good adhesion and good shock absorption characteristics; we should also take full account of the economic applicability of grease and minimize the cost of investment; according to seasonal temperature changes, we should choose different lubricants; different greases should not be mixed; lubrication; Grease is also used to protect the surface of rolling bearings from corrosion, so it must be able to absorb condensate water and so on.

3. Repair And Replace Bearings In Time

When the bearing of Calcite Powder Grinding Mill is worn out and can not be used, it must be replaced. When assembling, attention should be paid to cleaning the bearing bush, journal, oil collector and lubricating oil pipeline. Then the main bearing bush and connecting rod bush are assembled. When installing the triangle belt, it should be a little looser than when it is in normal operation.

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