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Bentonite Powder Making Machine

Bentonite Powder Making Machine

Use and installation of Bentonite Powder Making Machine bearings

The use of Bentonite Powder Making Machine bearings is subjectively controlled by the user, and is also the key to the bearing life of the Bentonite Powder Making Machine. From the installation to the specific operation and maintenance, the factors affecting the bearing life are infiltrated.

Installation: The installation quality of the roller bearing is an important factor affecting its service life. Many premature failures or damages of the roller bearing are related to improper assembly. When the user replaces the grinding roller bearing, it must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manual. If it is too loose or too tight, it will cause the premature damage of the grinding roller bearing of the established mill.

First of all, avoid hammering during the specific installation process. The bearing installation should be heated. Pay attention to the heating position and temperature control when heating. It is required to heat the oil together with the bearing in the cold state. The temperature is controlled at 100~110 °C. After the bearing is installed, it should be cleaned with kerosene; after the whole grinding roller is assembled A compression test must be carried out with a test pressure of 0.05 MPa and a pressure hold of 30 minutes.

Use: Mainly includes sealing, lubrication and monitoring.

Sealing the working life of the Bentonite Powder Making Machine bearings also has a great impact. The function of the seal is to prevent the lubricant from leaking outward from the bearing while preventing external dust from entering the bearing. In a high dust working environment, if a large amount of tiny hard particles enter the inside of the vertical grinding roller bearing, the working environment of the Bentonite Powder Making Machine bearing will be deteriorated, the lubrication effect will be reduced, and even the indentation will be formed on the raceway surface, causing pitting and even The raceway surface is peeled off, reducing the working life of the Bentonite Powder Making Machine bearing. Therefore, the selection of high-reliability sealing components is essential to improve bearing life. The seals at the grinding roller bearings are in the form of a sealed air, that is, compressed air is used to prevent dust in the grinding chamber from entering the bearing lubricating oil. The sealing wind should have a certain pressure, and the gap at the wind ring should not be too large. For the Bentonite Powder Making Machine, the sealing air pressure should reach 5000Pa or more, and the wind ring clearance should be less than 3~5mm, ensuring the wind speed at the wind ring. Above 50m/s, it can effectively seal.

In high temperature, impact, heavy load, low speed applications, the good lubrication conditions of the Bentonite Powder Making Machine bearings are difficult to form, and the harsh dust environment and impact deteriorate the lubrication. The practical application results show that most of the grinding roller bearing damage is the result of improper bearing lubrication.

Monitoring and protection: The sealing pressure and bearing temperature should be monitored in real time. The control logic and interlock can not be removed casually. When the sealing pressure and bearing temperature are abnormal, it is necessary to stop grinding in time to prevent damage to the grinding roller bearing.

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