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Barite Ore Grinding Plant

Barite Ore Grinding Plant

Learn about Barite Ore Grinding Plants starting with these 6 parts

1. Tilting roller

The grinding roller of the Barite Ore Grinding Plant is inclined during design. It has two main functions: one is to increase the contact area and improve the grinding efficiency; the other is to prevent large pieces of material from falling off the edge and blocking the air inlet. In addition, as the grinding time increases, the grinding roller wears out gradually, and the grinding roller can be used to turn the surface, which prolongs the service life and saves costs.

2. Conical classifier & cage classifier

Whether to choose the conical classifier or the cage classifier is based on the fineness of the product required for production. The former is mainly used for selecting coarse powder (conventional powder selection), and the latter is mainly used for selecting fine powder (selection powder). ). Why can the cage classifier choose fine powder? This is related to its structure and principle. The blade of the cage classifier is mounted on the baffle at a certain angle in the vertical direction. When working, the motor drives the impeller to rotate through the vertical shaft and the baffle, and the direction of movement of the impeller is opposite to the inclination direction of the blade, thereby increasing the powder selection. The difficulty, and thus the accuracy of the selection of powder.

3, hot stove

The hot blast stove is a relatively “special” existence of the Barite Ore Grinding Plant. It has three main functions: 1) explosion-proof (can reduce the oxygen content of the air in the mill system); 2) drying the material (no additional configuration required) Dryer); 3) Pressurization. Therefore, the Barite Ore Grinding Plant can handle materials with a certain humidity.

4, sealed quantitative feeder

There are many types of feeders. Why do Barite Ore Grinding Plants choose to be sealed? This is because this feeder can reduce the air (oxygen) into the mill to a certain extent, avoiding the danger caused by too much oxygen.

5, explosion-proof valve

Why is the explosion-proof valve a plastic piece? This is related to its role. The explosion-proof valve is located at the top of the classifier. When the pressure inside the mill is too large, the plastic sheet will automatically explode to prevent explosion when burning flammable and explosive materials. It is similar to the role of smashing the toggles, and it has the spirit of “sacing the ego, safety everyone.”

6, the limiter

The stopper is a device for finely adjusting the distance between the grinding roller and the grinding disc, so that the two are not in contact, and the grinding roller and the grinding disc are damaged due to the vibration caused by the unevenness of the cloth during work.

The above six components are an important part of the Barite Ore Grinding Plant. The grinding roller and the grinding disc are the main grinding devices. Together with the powder selection system, hydraulic device, transmission system, lubrication system and limit device, the grinding process is guaranteed. Effectively, it also plays a key role in overall productivity.

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