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Antimony Metal Processing Plant

Antimony Metal Processing Plant

Antimony Metal Processing Plant Structural Features

The Antimony Metal Processing Plant is mainly composed of a feeder, a crusher, a foundation, a hydraulic system and a lubrication system.

1, feeder

In order to make the Antimony Metal Processing Plant in the best working condition, the super-strength feeder is designed. The feed roller and the shaping roller are mounted on a solid rotating frame. The position is high and low, and the motor is controlled to rotate and hydraulically control. It is raised and lowered to facilitate the addition of large materials. The rotation speed of the feed roller and the shaping roller determines the feed speed, which is controlled by the load current feedback of the main motor to achieve the effect of automatic adjustment.

2, the main transmission

The main transmission adopts the motor-universal coupling-spindle direct connection method for power transmission, and has high transmission efficiency, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

3, pull pin device

Because the hammer crusher wear rate of the Antimony Metal Processing Plant is much larger than that of the ore or limestone Antimony Metal Processing Plant, the hammer replacement frequency is higher, and a special hammer shaft pull pin device is designed. In order to reduce the length of the hydraulic cylinder and reduce the manufacturing cost, the pulling stroke is divided into two sections. When the hammer shaft is pulled out halfway, the pulling pin is taken out, the cylinder returns to the initial position, and then the pin is inserted into the pulling rod. In the middle, the second draw.

4, the rotor

The rotor is the core component of the Antimony Metal Processing Plant, and its outline is shown in Figure 3. The rotor is a “disc type” structure consisting of 13 steel discs and discs with freely rotatable 39 high manganese cast steel hammers and several spacers. The inner holes of the hammer disc and the spacer sleeve adopt the same square hole structure as the main shaft shape, thereby reliably preventing the hammer disc and the spacer sleeve from being rotationally worn during the operation of the rotor. The two ends of the spindle are supported by two large roller bearings, and the bearings are lubricated with thin oil. When the rotor is working, the hammer head makes a circular motion.

The disc rotor has the following advantages: 1. It is very effective for processing materials with high density; 2. The unbreakable material is not easy to enter the main body, but is blocked in the feeding oblique opening, and is easy to take away; 3, 39 hammers work when staggered Orderly, the material is very effective/4. A protective plate is installed on the circumferential gap of the hammer on the rotor to improve the service life of the hammer plate. At the same time, it also stores energy for the flywheel and improves the impact of the hammer on the material. Cracking ability; 5, the use of disc rotor to treat the broken material consumes the smallest amount of hammer.

5, discharge device

The design of the discharge device for handling unbreakable objects is a major feature of the Antimony Metal Processing Plant, which is located on the rear wall of the upper part of the main rotor working chamber, below the top discharge grid. The discharge device can be opened inward by hydraulic control, and the unbreakable material accidentally entering the main body can be removed in time, thereby protecting the Antimony Metal Processing Plant from damage. In addition, the upper box and the upper cover of the main machine can be easily opened, and also play the role of removing the unbreakable objects and quickly repairing the machine.

6, dust removal device

The dust removal device is designed with a retractable sealed pipe joint. When working, the pipe joint is pressed under the action of the cylinder to the inlet flange of the dust collector, and the sealing effect can be achieved even under the condition of large vibration, when the Antimony Metal Processing Plant upper casing The expansion joint is retracted and the maintenance is convenient before the upper cover is rotated and raised.

7, other

The main body casing is made of extra-thick steel plate, and the inner lining is ultra-high manganese steel casting, which can be replaced. In order to reduce the consumption of castings and reduce the production cost, the castings designed and manufactured, such as hammers, linings and screens, are all made of ultra-high manganese steel castings and subjected to strict water toughening treatment to make them more wear-resistant and resistant. In the styling, the parts subjected to impact and wear are designed to be thicker, and the parts subjected to less impact and wear are relatively lightened, so that the castings play a greater role.

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