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Stone Crushing Bussiness Idea In India

Stone Crushing Bussiness Idea In India

Improve Stone Crushing Machine parameters to improve equipment performance

Improvement of the rotor improves the performance of the Stone Crushing Machine

When the Stone Crushing Machine is working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed, and the rotor is equipped with a plate hammer. The high-speed rotation of the rotor drives the plate hammer to rotate at a high speed, thereby obtaining a large impact force, so as to impact the material to break. The influence of the rotor on the moving crusher is mainly reflected in the rotor diameter and the rotor speed.

The rotor diameter is related to the feed size and impact energy. The diameter is too small, and the impact energy is not enough to crush the material. If the rotor diameter is too large, excessive energy consumption will be generated. This requires the length of the rotor diameter to be determined according to the crusher’s production capacity.

The rotational speed of the rotor determines the production capacity, product size and crushing ratio of the Stone Crushing Machine. The higher the rotational speed, the greater the production capacity, the significantly higher the crushing ratio, and the finer the product size.

Improvement of the plate hammer to improve the performance of the Stone Crushing Machine

The number and material of the hammer are important indicators. The more the number of hammers, the finer the particle size of the finished product, the better the crushing effect, but too much will cause over-grinding. The number of hammers is generally determined by the diameter of the rotor and the hardness of the material. The use of high wear-resistant hammer material can also improve the working capacity of the crusher.

Improved counter-lining improves crusher performance

The counterattack suspension position is the main influencing factor. By adjusting the position of the nut, the suspension position of the counterattack can be adjusted to optimize the performance of the crusher.

Improvement in feeding mode to improve equipment performance

The effect of the feeding mode of the Stone Crushing Machine on the performance is mainly reflected in the inclination of the guide. The inclination angle is small, the material slides slowly along the guide plate, the crushing is more complete, the product fineness is high, but the efficiency is slow. The inclination of the guide plate is too large, although the crushing efficiency can be improved, but the product fineness and quality cannot be guaranteed. It is required that the adjustment of the inclination of the guide plate should be compatible with the height of the crusher, thereby achieving both high efficiency and high quality.

In the production, the Stone Crushing Machine user should optimize the performance parameters according to the actual situation of the production, and adjust the equipment to a good working condition by rationally improving and adjusting them, thereby improving the production capacity and reducing the running cost.

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