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Stone Crusher Machine Manufacturer In India

Stone Crusher Machine Manufacturer In India

Main points of debugging of Stone Crusher Machine

The Stone Crusher Machine is a new type of high-efficiency crushing equipment. It has the characteristics of complete crushing function, high production efficiency, small wear of the parts and high comprehensive economic benefits. It is a promising crushing equipment. At present, its market prospects are affirmed. Nowadays, Stone Crusher Machines have been widely used in industries such as hydropower, highways, artificial sand and gravel, crushing, etc. Mastering its installation and debugging skills is very necessary for installers and users. A good installation seems to provide a platform, a good platform can ensure the smoothness of the work, which is very important for its work. Therefore, some precautions during installation are to be noted.

  • First, the installation of the Stone Crusher Machine main engine should be balanced, the spindle horizontality error is less than 1mm/m, the main driven wheel is in the same plane, the belt is adjusted to be moderately tight, and the motor is fixed.
  • Second, the rotor of the Stone Crusher Machine has been balanced before leaving the factory. The user generally does not need to perform the balance test. When replacing the hammer and rotor components, the balance should be balanced.
  • Third, check the wiring and fastening of the electrical box, adjust the delay relay and overload protector, turn on the circuit, test the motor steering, and select the fuse of the appropriate specification.
  • Fourth, check whether the installation position of each part of the Stone Crusher Machine crusher moves, deforms, locks all the bolts, and checks whether the seal is good.
  • Fifth, it is necessary to remove foreign objects in the Stone Crusher Machine in time, and move the rotor by hand to check for friction or collision.

When checking, it should be more comprehensive. The coupling parts of the Stone Crusher Machine crusher motor, reducer, hydraulic coupling, head, tail and other parts must be complete, intact and fastened. The reducer and hydraulic shaft section should be free from oil leakage and oil leakage. Moreover, the amount of oil should be appropriate; the signal must be sensitive and reliable, no signal is not allowed to start; the spray sprinkler should also be in good condition;

At the end of the work, the power cable and the operating line must be hung and tidy, and there must be no extrusion; the cleaning head, the motor and the reducer should be carefully cleaned; in addition, the conveyor head and the tail of the transfer machine should be overlapped. It should be suitable; when working, the operation of each part should have no abnormal sound, and the scraper, chain and connecting ring should be free from bending and deformation.

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