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Summary:How To Get Better Product Size Good product size should ensure that the ratio of the largest size to the smallest size of more than 90% of the product is less than 3 (the smaller the ratio, the better the particle size). The produ…

How To Get Better Product Size

Good product size should ensure that the ratio of the largest size to the smallest size of more than 90% of the product is less than 3 (the smaller the ratio, the better the particle size). The product size is determined by many factors, the main influencing factors are concentrated in the feeding, crushing cavity type, discharge opening, crushing equipment and crushing process.

Correct Feeding

The Bangladesh Stone Crusher must be filled with full cavity. Stable continuous grading feedstock avoids changes in crushing power and feed grades, while maintaining a relatively stable crushing chamber and discharge port. A wide grading feed gives a product that is superior to a narrow grading feed. This part of the material that is smaller than the discharge opening in the feedstock will increase the extrusion between the materials and have a good filling effect on the crushing chamber. Do not be too thin, it is better to be slightly less than or equal to the size of the discharge opening, the ratio should not exceed 20%. The large discharge opening will bring more sheet-like products, so in order to obtain a good product size, a smaller discharge opening is required, and the crushing ratio is controlled to be 3 to 3.5. This requires control of the feed size, preferably not more than 50mm. Unreasonable feeding will affect the Bangladesh Stone Crusher’s production capacity, and may lead to a series of problems such as adjustment ring runout, shortened service life of the liner, and poor grain size of the crushed product.

Reasonable Choice Of Bangladesh Stone Crusher And Crushing Chamber

Choose a reliable Bangladesh Stone Crusher and crushing chamber. Power, crushing force and discharge port are the three factors that determine the Bangladesh Stone Crusher output and the discharge size. The way to increase the power is to increase the feed rather than reduce the discharge opening. The best crushing power is about 80% of the rated power. Adjusting the ring jump means that the crushing force exceeds the design limit. Once the Bangladesh Stone Crusher has an excessive crushing force, the discharge opening can be adjusted by 1mm~2mm. Adjusting the ring runout and power peaks adds extra stress to the Bangladesh Stone Crusher, which can lead to serious damage to the Bangladesh Stone Crusher.

Closed Loop And Crushing System

The Bangladesh Stone Crusher is part of the crushing system and other equipment will also affect the entire crushing system. The conveyor system must have sufficient conveying capacity. Whether or not the silo is buffered in front of the Bangladesh Stone Crusher is very important for the stable filling of the Bangladesh Stone Crusher. The impact of the efficiency of the screening on the crushing system is also enormous. Insufficient screening, on the one hand, causing too much fine material in the return material, easily causing overload of the Bangladesh Stone Crusher; on the other hand, returning too much qualified fine material to the Bangladesh Stone Crusher reduces the production capacity of the crushing system. The non-crushed foreign matter in the crushing system is very harmful to the Bangladesh Stone Crusher. For example, the iron may cause the Bangladesh Stone Crusher to burn the copper sleeve, the crack of the frame and the severe fracture of the spindle. Closed circuit cycle crushing, used in the second stage of breaking can provide accurate feeding size for fine crushing, avoiding too much fine material entering the crushing cavity, so that the crushing cavity achieves the ideal filling effect.

Material Characteristics And Product Granularity

In general, the softer the rock, the coarser the crystalline particles of the rock, the thicker the product, the better the broken grain shape. For example, to get a product of 6~15mm. The second stage is broken by a closed circuit to break below 50mm, and the material below 6mm is screened out to ensure a relatively stable 6~50mm continuous grading feed.

The Bangladesh Stone Crusher has great advantages in the field of crushing. A reasonable crushing system, combined with proper equipment and cavity selection, as well as standardized operating and maintenance practices, can maximize the performance of the Bangladesh Stone Crusher.

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