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Small Scale Crushing Quartz

Small Scale Crushing Quartz

Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine Parts Failure

Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine Hydraulic Pump Failure

There are many types of hydraulic pumps for Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machines. They can be divided into variable pumps and fixed pumps according to whether the flow can be adjusted. According to the pump structure commonly used in hydraulic systems, it is divided into three types: gear pump, vane pump and plunger pump. The causes of failures caused by different types of Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine hydraulic pumps are also varied. The main reason is that the internal leakage of the internal components of the Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine hydraulic pump itself is severe or damaged, resulting in large internal leakage.

Wear and strain of the piston rod pump and the fitting plate, plunger and plunger hole, etc., will cause serious leakage in the hydraulic pump of the Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine; wear between the tooth top of the gear pump and the pump casing, the pump shaft Due to the unbalanced force, the wear is severe, resulting in a large internal leakage; the surface of the oil distribution plate of the vane pump, the inner curved surface of the stator and the two sides of the rotor are greatly worn, resulting in an increase in internal leakage.

In addition, in the process of oil absorption, the pump has too much resistance, the viscosity of the oil is too high, or the speed of the pump shaft is too fast, which makes the pump sucking oil difficult, resulting in the heat generated by the internal friction, and the gap between the components formed by the hydraulic pump of the Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine When it gets bigger, it is easy to have low pressure or loss of pressure.

Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine Actuator Failure

Hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors are the two main components of hydraulic system actuators. Most of the components on these two components are non-metallic materials, and care should be taken during use to prevent damage and internal leakage. At the same time, we also pay attention to the problem of the piston on the hydraulic cylinder falling off. Once the piston falls off, the system pressure drops or the pressure loss occurs. The entry of air into the hydraulic motor causes the hydraulic motor to be cavitation, resulting in unstable operation of the motor and creeping, thereby consuming pressure.

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