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Silica Iron Ore Crusher Indonesia

Silica Iron Ore Crusher Indonesia

What if the vibration of the Silica Iron Ore Crusher suddenly increases?

In the ore crushing production line, we generally install the following equipment to form a crushing production line, namely jaw crusher, Silica Iron Ore Crusher and sand making machine. In the production line, the Silica Iron Ore Crusher sometimes appears suddenly for some reasons or conditions. Violent vibration phenomenon, Xiaobian below for the reasons and solutions for this phenomenon to give you a brief introduction.

The Silica Iron Ore Crusher is generally fixed on the concrete foundation in the crushing production line. Although it will vibrate when the material is broken, the vibration is within a certain normal range and the vibration frequency of the machine is also within a certain range. Sometimes, in production, this kind of vibration will suddenly increase. The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows: the base and bolts of the Silica Iron Ore Crusher fixed on the concrete foundation are loose due to long-term use; the crusher is at the beginning of installation. The parallel error of the transmission shaft and the concrete horizontal plane is greater than 5 mm; the metal material and other high-hardness ore materials appear in the crushing cavity of the crusher, so that the impact force of the machine is increased; the wear parts inside the machine crushing chamber are seriously worn. And cause the vibration of the machine to increase.

The above are four possible reasons for the increased vibration of Silica Iron Ore Crusher equipment, and the solutions to these problems are mainly as follows, which are analyzed and briefly introduced below.

When installing the Silica Iron Ore Crusher, we will remind the user to ensure that the concrete foundation level, the machine drive shaft and the horizontal plane are parallel, and the error is less than 5 mm even if it is not parallel, but some users do not pay attention to this during installation. As a result, the vibration of the machine is severe, and the solution is to install according to the requirements; the bolts for fixing the crusher will loosen after long-term use, and the user should replace and re-cast in time; the wear parts inside the crushing chamber of the Silica Iron Ore Crusher are easily worn. The user should check and replace it regularly; the Silica Iron Ore Crusher is different from the cone, and the hardness of the material that can be broken is relatively small. Therefore, to prevent the high hardness material from entering the crushing chamber, the user can install a iron remover in front of the machine to remove the high hardness material. the goal of.

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