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Rotary Kiln For Cement Plant

Rotary Kiln For Cement Plant

Abnormal Transmission Of Large And Small Gears In Rotary Kiln

  • 1. Remove the large gear auxiliary device of the rotary kiln, cover it with rainproof tarpaulin, protect the large gear, and prevent the large and small gears from being affected by external dust and rain.
  • 2. Check the interface flanges, positioning bolts, spring plate bolts and other related fasteners that fasten the large gear of the rotary kiln; clean the oil on the tooth surface of the rotary kiln and the tooth surface of both sides and the joints on both sides; check and tighten with a hydraulic wrench Solid rotary kiln big gear interface bolt, check the spring plate connecting bolt on the large gear of the rotary kiln, check the spring plate connecting bolt on the rotary kiln cylinder; measure the gap of the rotary kiln big gear interface, measure the thin gauge, and tighten again solid.
  • 3. Check the simplified deformation of the large gear at the rotary kiln. About 700mm south of the center of the big gear. After analysis, the deformation of the cylinder is within the permissible range, and it is necessary to pay attention to the gear contact condition at the local high point during operation.
  • 4. Adjust the rotary kiln pinion and translate it 1.5mm inward while adjusting the alignment drive.
  • 5. Dealing with the tooth surface of the large and small gears of the rotary kiln, the steps and the edge of the tooth top. The meshing surface of the large gear of the rotary kiln is heavily worn and has a tensile flaw. It is pitting and peeling off in the width of about 40~60mm on the right side. There are two steps, one is the root step and the other is the small step on the top of the tooth. The height of the step is 2 to 2.5 mm, and the meshing surface at the pitch circle is concave. The pinion tooth surface is relatively good, there is no serious pitting phenomenon, and the same step.
  • 6. Check the meshing condition of the large and small gears of the rotary kiln and adjust the small gear of the rotary kiln. Check with red or other convenient methods, continue to polish the tooth surface as needed (the light point needs to continue to be polished) until the contact rate of the tooth surface meets the requirements.
  • 7. If during the running-in process of the large and small gears of the rotary kiln, it is found that some of the tooth surfaces still have local contact bright spots, and should be properly polished again, and then continue to observe and process.
  • 8. Check the pinion bearing and measure the bearing clearance. The side clearance is in the normal range of 8~12μm.
  • 9. Reload, adjust, and check the refueling system of the rotary kiln, pay attention to cleaning the waste oil and the running-in agent to ensure that the real situation of running-in is known, and at the same time prevent excessive running and damage the tooth surface.
  • 10. The overall joint reinforcement treatment of the rotary kiln pinion base: at the position of 80~100mm at the edge of the original foot bolt, drill four holes of ∅63mm depth and 500mm with water drill for installing new anchor bolts, then prepare the same Fast chemical planting gum. According to the technical requirements, the combination of the same chemical fast-adhesive rubber A and B rubber will be prepared for the release of new anchor bolts. Next, the Qiaogu fast chemical implant glue was poured into the hole of the book 63mm, and the M42×800 anchor bolt was vertically buried in the hole, and the upper part was properly set. After the bolts are placed, the fast-fixing chemical planting adhesive needs to be cured for 16 hours. At this time, it cannot be twitched or pulled out at will. After the new anchor bolts are assimilated, the newly added bolts are fastened with a hydraulic wrench, and the reinforcing platen is pressed tightly to achieve overall reinforcement.

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