Rotary Kiln Design Handbook For Cement Process Plant2019-07-13

Summary:Talking About The Sudden Situation Of Cement Rotary Kiln Cement rotary kiln is a common roasting building material equipment. It is also an indispensable equipment in the building materials industry. It is a rotary calcining kiln. I…

Talking About The Sudden Situation Of Cement Rotary Kiln

Cement rotary kiln is a common roasting building material equipment. It is also an indispensable equipment in the building materials industry. It is a rotary calcining kiln. It can be called cement kiln, metallurgical chemical kiln and lime kiln depending on the materials being processed. Rotary kiln is running in cement production line equipment. At the core of this article, this article summarizes the sudden situation and solution of the rotary kiln in operation, and hopes to help you.

First, The Concern Of The Flame

Adjust the position of the burner, the ratio of the primary air and the outside wind, ensure a good flame shape, and control the temperature of the firing zone. The positioning should be properly adjusted according to the type, structure and performance characteristics of the burner (the flame must be guaranteed) Invading the material, there is enough burning space), and according to the coal quality, the main fan of the system, the secondary air temperature and the air volume, correctly adjust the ratio of the wind inside and outside the wind to ensure a smooth flame, good shape, and sufficient Thermal strength to facilitate stable calcination. Every day, the fire is seen at the kiln head. If the material is sticky, the height of the coal pipe is higher than that of the kiln wall, and the flame white is bright, and the clinker is too large, indicating that the temperature in the kiln is too high; The powder is too much, the flame is dim, and it is light yellow or yellow, indicating that the temperature of the firing zone is low. Pay attention to the condition of the kiln skin at all times to ensure that it is uniform, stable and suitable for length.

Second, Attention To The Quality Of Clinker

The quality of clinker directly affects the quality of cement products, which is directly related to the benefits of the enterprise, and is the core and result of the control of the firing system. Therefore, we should always pay attention to each parameter of clinker quality, and do dynamic observation, dynamic analysis and dynamic adjustment.

Third, Attention To Raw Materials And Flame Retardants

Suitable raw material fineness, reasonable, stable and optimized raw material ratio can ensure the stability of the kiln operation system and ensure high quality clinker; high dispersion, good homogenization effect and strong stability of raw materials, Conducive to the stability of the pre-decomposition system temperature and wind pressure; cold air and hot materials contact, it is easy to cause cold and hot coagulation of materials, adhere to the wall of the preheater, resulting in crusts or a large number of agglomeration, the leakage of the kiln seal Re-reacting with incompletely burned fuel causes localized high temperatures to cause crusts, and a large amount of crust affects the smooth running of the system wind, resulting in unstable system operation. Air leakage from the kiln head cover and the grate cooler system reduces the secondary air temperature, increases the amount of cold air in the kiln, reduces the cooling air supply to the grate cooler, and increases heat loss. The low moisture and fine coal powder is beneficial to increase the burning speed of the coal powder, fully burn the coal powder, increase the calcination temperature, and ensure the heat required for the decomposition of the raw meal and the calcination of the clinker.

Fourth, Pay Attention To The System Leakage

System leakage is a relatively important factor that restricts the pre-decomposition kiln system to fully exert its effectiveness. The leakage of the system mainly includes internal leakage and external leakage: the internal leakage is mainly caused by the lock valve being burnt, the movement is not working, and the lock is not strict; the external leakage is mainly the inspection hole of each level of the cyclone, the discharge valve shaft of the discharge pipe, and all levels. Leakage of the flange connecting the pipe, the top cover of the preheater, the measuring points, the seal at the kiln end, etc. The leaking cold air will change the movement track of the material in the preheater, reduce the speed of its rotation, and easily lead to material accumulation;

Fifth, Concerns About The Operation Of The Central Control

First of all, we must formulate a relatively reasonable and perfect assessment system, give correct guidance to operators’ operations, and create a working atmosphere of benign competition, cooperation and learning. Secondly, pay close attention to the changes of on-site system conditions and central control operating parameters. The central control operation shall make macroscopic and appropriate regulation and control, unify the operation ideas of the operators, and stabilize the thermal system of the kiln; during the overhaul, the problems shall be considered comprehensively and carefully arranged to avoid the occurrence of vicious incidents such as running out; Analyze the cause of the accident, learn lessons, and record, so that all operators can be educated; regularly arrange operators to operate technical training, so that they can learn more about new processes, new technologies, exchange operation experience and ultimately improve the quality of business.

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