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Quarrying Equipment

Quarrying Equipment

Quarrying Equipment purchase tips

At present, there are many manufacturers and brands of Quarrying Equipments on the market. For powder processing enterprises, how to choose suitable and reliable quality machines when purchasing Quarrying Equipments is undoubtedly a problem. This article introduces you to several Optional tips for Quarrying Equipments.

1, compare brand strength

Generally speaking, the Quarrying Equipment with strong brand strength has a relatively large enterprise scale. The research and development capabilities and quality assurance conditions are relatively strong; the product quality is relatively stable, the service life is relatively long, and the three-pack service is relatively timely. You can make a comparative choice on the network or ask the relevant industry people to understand the better companies that the brand is doing.

2, see the machine description

The formal Quarrying Equipment will be marked with the product model, name, brand, execution standard number, safety warning content, model meaning, main scope of application, main technical parameters, performance and maintenance, fault and queue, etc. The warning content is more prominent. The manufacturer’s address is the same as the address on the nameplate or other documents. If the product description is unclear, not detailed or there is no specific production address, the contact number is just a mobile phone number. It may be an informal business, so be sure to choose carefully.

3, see production capacity

On the one hand, look at the official website on the Internet is formal, focus on product display, product evaluation and product introduction is detailed, production capacity and real cases, etc., you can also consult customer service and experts online to solve difficult problems. If the company does not have a formal website or a messy website page, then the company is likely to be not a formal business or small. On the other hand, you can go to the production company to visit the production workshop, production capacity, real products, enterprise hardware and software facilities. If a company does a good job in the above aspects, the product is also trustworthy.

4, look at the product appearance

Pay attention to whether the product has signs of bumping, damage, stripping and refurbishment; whether the welds of each welded part are flat and firm; whether there is dripping oil on the sealing surface; whether the gaps of each part are consistent. In general, the appearance quality of the Quarrying Equipment reflects the intrinsic quality of the product to some extent.

5, look at the machine nameplate

Under normal circumstances, the nameplate of the Quarrying Equipment after delivery should be marked with the product name, model number, main technical parameters, implementation standard number, name, address, contact number, postal code, and product number, date of manufacture, etc. . If there is no nameplate, the nameplate is unclear, etc., choose carefully.

6, look at the product certificate

The regular Quarrying Equipments are subject to strict inspection and control, and the quality of the products is relatively guaranteed compared to those of unlicensed products. The certified Quarrying Equipment will be marked with a badge. At the time of purchase, special attention should be paid to the fact that some companies have many types of products, and one product may have a certificate. Other models may not have a certificate.

7, see the purchase service

Regular and powerful manufacturers not only do a good job, but also have early consultation, medium-term purchase, post-installation, after-sales service, etc., so when buying Quarrying Equipment, pay attention to whether the whole service process is satisfactory, only the service is in place. Is a trustworthy partner.

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