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Perlite Expanded Processing Plant

Perlite Expanded Processing Plant

Perlite Expanded Processing Plant close maintenance

After the Perlite Expanded Processing Plant has been running for about one month, it should be thoroughly inspected to identify hidden dangers and promptly eliminated.

  • 1. Main unit: Check the fastening bolts of the internal running parts of the main engine, whether the grinding pair (pin shaft, grinding ring) is loose, the grinding pair (pin shaft, grinding roller, grinding ring) and the classifier wear, support powder Whether the wear of the bearing in the bearing seat of the grinding pair and the classifier is caused by too much abrasion, whether the tension of the belt is appropriate, etc., and whether the lubricating oil in the gearbox is sufficient.
  • 2. Piping system: Pay attention to whether the bolts in the connecting part of the pipeline are loose and leak, whether the pipeline is corroded or worn, and there is no dust in the pipeline.
  • 3. Electrical parts: use compressed air to blow off the electrical components on the electrical control cabinet and the ash on the motor.
  • 4, the dust collector part: A box: check the sealing situation, especially the seam parts and the perimeter of the access door. The inside of the box is easy to condense and adhere to dust, which should be cleaned; the cone part is easy to cause poor discharge, and it can be cleaned in emergency; B carefully check the working condition of pulse solenoid valve and pulse controller, whether it is flexible and reliable; Check if the parts of the fixed filter bag are loose, if the filter bag is damaged, and if the tension is appropriate. The filter bag with skeleton support should not be too slack; D should pay attention to prevent the blowing system from dew condensation or freezing due to the low temperature of the blowing air in winter, so as to affect the cleaning effect; E should pay attention to the rainy season and the humidity is high. Due to the inhalation of a large amount of humid air, the bag is severely blocked, which affects the cleaning. After the accumulated operation of the F pulse pulverizing dust for 8 hours, the accumulated water in the air bag of the precipitator is discharged once.
  • 5, shut off the fan: check its tightness and flexibility, when the wear is large, it should be repaired in time.
  • 6. For the maintenance of the use of fans, gearboxes, electrical components (such as motors, governors, etc.), please refer to the relevant instructions of the attached users.
  • 7. The pin of the wearing part and the replacement of the grinding roller should be set to keep the running of the bracket stable.

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