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Mining Crushers For Sell In Zimbabwe

Mining Crushers For Sell In Zimbabwe

Damage Of Vibrator Of Zimbabwe Mining Crusher And Vibration Reduction Measures

Zimbabwe Mining Crusher has been widely used in the primary crushing in some harsh environments because of its simple structure, reliable operation, easy manufacture, convenient maintenance and low production cost. So we take Zimbabwe Mining Crusher as an example to systematically discuss the measures to reduce vibration, which has wide versatility.

Vibration Mechanism And Damage Degree Of Zimbabwe Mining Crusher

The movable crusher swings simply or complex with the movable jaw, which can be divided into simple swing, compound swing and comprehensive swing. Large and medium Zimbabwe Mining Crushers are generally simple pendulum Zimbabwe Mining Crushers.

The angle between the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate is called the rodent angle. Take PE900× 1200 Zimbabwe Mining Crusher as an example, the rodent angle is 17° ~24°, generally 23° angle, the feed size is not more than 750 mm, the discharge size is 95-165 mm. Ore and stone are impacted by the movable jaw plate through the inlet, and the fixed jaw plate is produced. According to the law of mechanics, the impact force F of crushed ore is decomposed into an upward impact force F*sin23° (0.39F tensile stress on the base) and a transverse impact force F*sin67° (transverse shear force 0.92F), due to bias. The rotational speed of the spindle is 180-220 rpm, so the impact force is large and the vibration is frequent. According to the actual situation on the spot, the vibration causes the following damage to the crusher equipment and foundation:

  • 1. Fragmentation and destruction of secondary grouting layer;
  • 2. Deformation and fracture of anchor bolt;
  • 3. Damage of eccentric shaft and related parts;
  • 4. Other parts of Zimbabwe Mining Crusher are damaged.

Because the generation of vibration is determined by the intrinsic nature of crusher itself, therefore, the vibration generated by crusher can only be reduced by systematic measures. From every possible place where damage and resonance may occur, the vibration can be controlled in an acceptable range by careful and systematic treatment.

Vibration Reduction Using Modern New Materials Such As Rubber Sheets

In order to reduce vibration, when installing the equipment, the rubber sheet with a thickness of no less than 10 mm should be padded between the crusher and the foundation as cushioning material, and the anchor bolt should be tightened after the second grouting cement is firm. However, in use, due to the impact and vibration of the Zimbabwe Mining Crusher on the foundation, the requirements for the foundation and installation of various links are higher. Once a link deviates or the equipment components themselves have defects, there will be some unexpected faults. In our company, the secondary grouting layer of the Zimbabwe Mining Crusher was broken, which caused the instability of the frame, the serious damage of the anchor bolts, and even caused serious accidents such as the crack of the pulley (the defect of improper treatment of internal stress in the pulley itself, the failure was exposed ahead of time). In order to solve this problem reasonably, the secondary grouting layer was completely covered. The second grouting layer is replaced by thick rubber sheet.

Because the width of the discharge port of PE900× 1200 Zimbabwe Mining Crusher is about 120 mm, the vibration deformation of up and down is x=120× tg23° = 50.9 mm, and the thickness of grouting layer is generally more than 25 mm, therefore, 50-80 mm thick rubber sheets (specifications 600 mm & times; 350 mm & times; 80 mm, 4 pieces with holes) are selected as secondary grouting layer and vibration reduction. Layer, after 24 hours of use, tighten once, 7 days after tightening again, after treatment, the equipment has been running normally for two years, there is no overhaul of the equipment as a whole, and the performance remains stable.

Performance requirements of rubber sheet: specific gravity: 1.4-1.6, breaking force: 3.5-5.0 MPa, elongation: 350-500%, hardness: 50-70, using temperature-50-80 (-35 C) according to the use environment, our company is located in Alpine mountainous areas in winter.

With the development of science and technology, we can try some new organic vibration-reducing materials, such as hardwood cushion, silica gel products, nitrile-butadiene rubber, acrylate and so on. These materials have good elasticity, can fit well with the contact surface, and are easy to disassemble. However, we should pay attention to the environmental temperature and the degree of oil used on site in the selection. At the same time, these new vibration-absorbing materials can be used not only in crusher vibration reduction, but also in some vibration-generating machinery such as vibrating screen.

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