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Marble Crusher Machine Manufacturer

Marble Crusher Machine Manufacturer

The Reason Why The Hydraulic System Of The Marble Crusher Machine Is Running Slowly

The hydraulic system of the Marble Crusher Machine is running slowly, which is often called underspeed. The underspeed is not not working, but it does not meet the system requirements, so it is difficult to check, and there are many situations.

Fast Speed Is Not Enough

This is a common fault in the maintenance of the hydraulic pump of the Marble Crusher Machine. The following situations can cause the fault to occur.

  • 1. The output flow of the hydraulic pump of the Marble Crusher Machine is insufficient and the output pressure is not reached.
  • 2. The overflow valve is permanently deformed or misfitted into a weak spring, the main spool damping hole is partially blocked, and the main spool is stuck in the small opening position, causing the pressure oil outputted by the Marble Crusher Machine hydraulic pump to partially overflow into the fuel tank. The effective flow rate of the access system to the actuator is greatly reduced, resulting in insufficient speed for rapid motion.
  • 3. The internal and external leakage of the hydraulic system of the Marble Crusher Machine is serious: the general working pressure is low when fast forward, but it is much higher than the return oil pressure. When the piston seal of the hydraulic cylinder is damaged, the two chambers of the hydraulic cylinder leak greatly due to the cavity (there is a pressure difference), so that the rapid movement speed of the hydraulic cylinder is insufficient, and the inside and outside of other parts are leaked.
  • 4. The resistance during fast-forward is large, such as the lubrication of the guide rail, the tightening of the guide plate of the guide rail, the installation accuracy of the hydraulic cylinder and the poor assembly precision, etc., resulting in an increase in frictional resistance during fast-forward.

Work Speed Is Significantly Reduced During Work

When the work is fed, the working speed is obviously reduced under load, even if the speed control valve (throttle valve, etc.) is opened, it needs to be analyzed and repaired from the following aspects.

  • 1. Under the load of the hydraulic system of the Marble Crusher Machine, the working pressure is increased and the leakage is increased. The adjusted speed is reduced due to the increase of internal and external leakage.
  • 2. The oil temperature of the hydraulic system of the Marble Crusher Machine is increased, the viscosity of the oil is reduced, the leakage is increased, and the effective flow is reduced.
  • 3. The hydraulic system design of the Marble Crusher Machine is unreasonable. When the load changes, the flow rate of the actuator entering the hydraulic device also changes, causing a change in speed.
  • 4. The oil is mixed with impurities, blocking the throttle valve of the flow regulating valve, causing the working speed to decrease; when the block is blocked, the speed is unstable.
  • 5. There is air in the hydraulic system of the Marble Crusher Machine.

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