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Gypsum Mining Equipment

Gypsum Mining Equipment

Maintenance of Gypsum Mining Equipment bearings and gears


In the article introduced by the previous Gypsum Mining Equipment, it is introduced to the users. Whether it is a Gypsum Mining Equipment or other grinding equipment, it is necessary to do daily inspection and maintenance. We also explained the Gypsum Mining Equipment. The importance of routine maintenance, but some users are not very familiar with it. Taking the bearings and gears of the Gypsum Mining Equipment as an example, we will introduce the daily maintenance precautions for the bearings and gears of the Gypsum Mining Equipment.


First of all, in the production process of Gypsum Mining Equipment, if the user finds abnormal sound, the rotation of the machine is not stable, the bearing temperature rises and an abnormality occurs, it is necessary to check the problem in time and solve it in time; when the pinion top in the Gypsum Mining Equipment When the gap between the tooth and the root of the large ring gear becomes larger, the user needs to stop and re-adjust the center distance of the gear pair to ensure the normal operation of the Gypsum Mining Equipment. Then, when the pinion wears along the tooth surface in the direction of rotation is severe, the user should stop the inspection and change the face so that the other side of the component becomes the main force receiving surface. When the gear is broken, replace the gear with a new one. When the bearing shaft clearance becomes large, the pinion shaft must be repaired. When the pinion radial clearance becomes large, a copper piece is installed to reduce the gap. When the axial clearance and the radial clearance are not adjusted, or when the roller is pitting or the rotation is inflexible, it needs to be replaced in time.


The conditions of the Gypsum Mining Equipment bearings and gears are also so many. I hope that the users will understand it. This will not only improve the working efficiency of the Gypsum Mining Equipment, but also extend the life of the Gypsum Mining Equipment.


Suggestions for improving the performance of Gypsum Mining Equipment


 In the fierce market competition, the development of enterprises is inseparable from the innovation of products. Therefore, all industries have put the reform and innovation of products at the forefront of enterprise development. The milling machinery industry is also facing enormous opportunities and challenges. The rapid development of the milling industry has brought tremendous development opportunities to the mill equipment suppliers. At the same time, the grinding industry has continuously increased the performance requirements of the mill, which has brought enormous challenges to the mill equipment suppliers. In the face of opportunities and challenges, mill equipment suppliers can only stand on the market if they continue to innovate. Take the Gypsum Mining Equipment as an example to talk about how the mill equipment supplier can improve the performance of the Gypsum Mining Equipment.


First, it is possible to develop fine grading equipment and other ancillary equipment that are compatible with Gypsum Mining Equipment equipment. The closed-circuit process combined with ultra-fine pulverization and grading equipment can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the size of qualified products. It can be said that the production and high-precision grading equipment is the key to the development of ultra-fine pulverization technology; in addition, the working efficiency and energy consumption of the Gypsum Mining Equipment should be continuously improved and improved; the Gypsum Mining Equipment and grading equipment must be adapted to the specific material characteristics and Product specifications, specifications and models are diversified, and there is no ultra-fine pulverizing and grading equipment that is efficient for any material; after that, multi-functional ultra-fine pulverizing and surface modification equipment can be developed. If the combination of Gypsum Mining Equipment and drying, superfine pulverization and surface modification, mechanical chemistry and ultrafine pulverization technology can be combined, the application range of ultrafine pulverization technology can be expanded. By means of surface coating and solid solution, new materials with unique properties can be prepared.


Ok, let’s share it here. I hope that our Shanghai Shibang’s view on the performance improvement of Gypsum Mining Equipment can help the mill equipment manufacturers. In the future R&D and production, we will continue to work hard and live up to expectations, and develop more robust grinding equipment to meet the diverse needs of different customers. Users are welcome to come and purchase.

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