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Graphite Vibration Screen

Graphite Vibration Screen

Tips For Maintaining The Graphite Vibration Screen

The Graphite Vibration Screen is an indispensable screening equipment in the gravel aggregate production line, which plays an important role in the production and quality of the gravel production line. The Graphite Vibration Screen has simple structure, stable operation, high screening efficiency and large processing capacity. The screen mesh is the main working part of the screening process and the main wearing parts. After the screen is worn or damaged in the long-term operation, it will cause confusion of materials at all levels and seriously affect the quality of the finished product; improper operation and use will cause the screen to break too fast. This article mainly introduces the reasons and solutions for the common damage of the common Graphite Vibration Screen. I hope to help you.

The Material Quality Of The Screen Is Not Good

If the quality of the screen is not reached, it will be easily damaged under the action of high strength, especially when screening large materials such as large stones, if the quality of the screen does not meet the screening requirements of the material, Under high-intensity vibration and friction, tear or wear is likely to occur.

Solution: High-manganese steel wire mesh with high elasticity and high wear resistance should be selected, which is not only durable, but also has a long service life and higher screening efficiency.

The Screen Is Not Tight Enough To Be Flattened

If the screen is not tensioned, during the operation of the equipment, high amplitude vibration will cause the screen to vibrate, usually broken or damaged along the edge of the screen or the edge of the bead, and the screen is not horizontal enough because the screen is not tensioned. It is easy to deform the screen, and the material is easy to accumulate at a certain position, causing uneven stress on the screen and causing damage.

Solution: When installing or replacing the screen, 3-4 people should work at the same time, spread the screen on the screen frame, then put the screen compression ring, and use the screw symmetry according to the vertical direction of the screen. Fix it. After the screen is not folded and evenly tightened, insert the screws into the screw holes and slowly rotate them one by one.

Screen Pre-Tensioning Process Difference

The screen generally has an upper sieve layer and a lower force layer, and the two layers are required to be closely adhered to each other. If the screen pre-tensioning process is poor, when the force layer at the bottom of the screen is tight, the sieve layer is layered. If there is no tension, then the distance between the screen and the Graphite Vibration Screen is too large, and the contact part of the screen frame cannot be effectively pressed, which is one of the reasons for the screen damage being too fast.

Solution: Check the progress of the screen frequently, check whether the screen is compacted, ensure the tension of the screen, reduce the power of the screen, and ensure that the screen layer on the screen and the lower layer of the force are tightly fitted.

The Feed Amount Is Too Large Or Uneven

In the screening process of the Graphite Vibration Screen, the width of the Graphite Vibration Screen determines its processing capacity, and the length determines its screening effect. If the feeding amount is too large during the feeding process of the Graphite Vibration Screen, the equipment cannot screen it. Or the feeding width is not uniform, causing the material to accumulate, and it is easy to make the screen mesh unevenly and accelerate the damage.

Solution: Evenly feed the material when it is placed. In the feeding mode with strong impact, the buffer hopper is added to the Graphite Vibration Screen, and the direct impact of the material on the screen will consume the exciting force generated by the vibration source, which is more likely to cause damage to the screen and fatigue of the screen.

During the operation of the Graphite Vibration Screen, always pay attention to the presence of abnormal noise or vibration, and adjust the vibration of the equipment by adjusting the exciting force to prevent the excitation force from being too strong and damage the equipment components such as the screen or the motor. Attention should be paid to the quality and output of the sieved materials. When abnormalities occur, the screens and other components should be stopped for inspection, and the damaged screens should be replaced in time.

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