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Conveyor Belt Saudi Arabia Manufacturer

Conveyor Belt Saudi Arabia Manufacturer

Conveyor Belt Breakage Accident Prevention Measures

Strictly Control The Quality Of Rubber Compound

In the process of selecting the rubber compound, it is necessary to use the products formulated by the manufacturer, and ensure that all purchased rubber materials have labels such as shelf life, certificate of conformity, date of manufacture, factory certificate, specification model, etc. If the rubber compound has no label, it will not be used.

In addition, when storing the rubber, direct exposure to strong light should be avoided, stored in a cool place, and avoid contact with harmful chemicals. Finally, before using the rubber compound, the corresponding identification work must be done to ensure that the quality can reach the standard before it can be used.

Reasonable Choice Of Joint Length And Type

Currently, most of the connector types are three-level full overlap, and a few use two-level overlap. As for the relevant experimental research, it can be known that the primary and tertiary full lap joints have a high retention rate. If the same belt lap joints are different, the spacing of adjacent ropes will also vary. The first level spacing is the smallest and gradually increases upwards. The greater the spacing, the more beneficial it is to increase the strength of the vulcanized joint. The choice of joint form depends on the belt type, belt strength, number of steel ropes, wire rope diameter, wire rope spacing and other factors.

Strict Control Of The Vulcanization Process

Joint vulcanization is the last important process to determine the quality of the tape during the installation process. Accurately mastering the technical conditions is the key to ensure the joint strength and joint life. The technical conditions of the vulcanization process are mainly the three elements of vulcanization, namely the vulcanization temperature. (In the range of 142 ~ 148 ° C, can not be greater than 150 ° C.), time, pressure. If the technical conditions of the vulcanization process are not controlled strictly or improperly, it will cause quality defects such as sulfur deficiency, sulfur, delamination, foaming and heavy leather, and belt deviation, which will bring adverse consequences to the operation and maintenance in the future.

Reasonable Tailoring

Because rubber has a certain degree of vulcanization shrinkage, its size can be slightly larger during the process of cutting it, but it should not be too small. According to the tape type, the width of the adhesive and the core rubber are reasonably determined. If it is a slant joint, the length of the slanting should be calculated when determining its length. When the rubber is cut, the distance of the rear arm of the joint is fixed as the width of the rubber, and the width of the two ends may be different, and the total length of the joint is its length.

Strengthen The Management Of The Belt

  • 1. It is necessary to construct a perfect post responsibility system, handover system, patrol inspection system, joint inspection and inspection system, and equipment maintenance and repair system.
  • 2. Improve the file replacement, technical file management, entrance inspection and maintenance records of the Conveyor Belt, and regularly analyze and summarize relevant information.
  • 3, must ensure that the staff have received systematic training and learning, and can correctly master the professional technology, so as not to follow the improper operation.
  • 4. Do a good job in the management of transportation materials. Do not use Conveyor Belts to transport large pieces of vermiculite, metal, and electromechanical equipment to prevent damage to high-strength belts caused by overweight, extra long, and sharp and hard objects.
  • 5, do a good job in the maintenance of the Conveyor Belt, to ensure that the roller is flexible and complete, to prevent the belt from running.

In actual production, there are many reasons for the Conveyor Belt accident, and the cause of the accident must be correctly analyzed, and effective measures should be taken to deal with and prevent, and the accident rate of the Conveyor Belt should be minimized.

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