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Concrete Crushing Machine For Sale

Concrete Crushing Machine For Sale

Excessive Discharge Particle Size of PFW Concrete Crushing Machine

In the company’s customer visits, we found that some users using the company’s PFW series Concrete Crushing Machine feedback that the size of the equipment’s discharged material has become larger, then what is the cause of this phenomenon, and how to solve it?

There are two kinds of Concrete Crushing Machine series products, PF series and PFW series. Because there are some differences between the two kinds of equipment, we need to understand the reason why PFW series discharging granularity is too large. First, we need to understand its simple machine structure. Users need to know the following specific aspects: this series of equipment. The plate hammer is crescent, the wedge is fixed, the lubrication of this series of products is thin oil lubrication, and there are differences between three and two cavities in this series of equipment.

Understanding some of the main knowledge of PFW series Concrete Crushing Machines, we will briefly analyze the reasons for the excessive size of the discharged material: First, the plate hammer in the crusher is the main component of the crushing machine, that is, the material is impacted on the plate hammer, and then rebounded to crush, it is also said that the plate hammer is the main wear-resistant part, if the month If the tooth-shaped plate hammer is worn out because of long-term use, the force of material being impacted and broken will be weakened, so the size of material discharged will increase accordingly. Secondly, the fixed way of the crescent-shaped plate hammer is wedge fixation, generally speaking, wedge fixation is relatively firm, but if the user uses the equipment for a long time without it. Corresponding maintenance, plate hammer, wedge and so on will also have different degrees of loosening, which will also cause the machine’s finished material granularity to become larger; Thirdly, PFW series Concrete Crushing Machine, like plate hammer, is a crescent-shaped surface structure, which is conducive to material vertical impact on components, forming a strong. The impact force breaks up, but if the distance between the hammer and the impact plate changes, that is, when the impact force becomes larger, the impact force will decrease, which will eventually lead to insufficient crushing force and increase the particle size of the material. Later, the reason for the larger particle size of the material is also the size of the gap between the castor bars at the outlet of the movable crusher. If the wear of the castor bars makes the spacing between them larger, then the large material can be discharged directly without breaking, which leads to the larger size of the discharged material.

To solve the problem of excessive discharge size of PFW series Concrete Crushing Machine, we can start from the following aspects: timely replacement when plate hammer, counterattack plate and castor bar are worn, and timely fastening when these parts loosen, so that it can be done.

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