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Coal Impact Crusher For Sale In South Africa

Coal Impact Crusher For Sale In South Africa

Ways To Increase The Productivity Of Coal Impact Crushers

1, Reasonable Reduction Of Material Humidity

If the moisture contained in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere in the crushing chamber, and it is easy to block during the blanking process, thereby reducing the production capacity of the Coal Impact Crusher. Therefore, for materials with a large moisture content, the method of drying or drying in advance can be adopted to reasonably reduce the humidity of the material and increase the productivity of the Coal Impact Crusher.

2, Pre-Screening Materials In Advance

If the material before crushing contains a large amount of large ore, it will inevitably increase the crushing time of the material in the crushing chamber, and the capacity of the Coal Impact Crusher will be reduced to some extent. If the material before the crushing contains a lot of fine powder, it will also reduce the capacity of the Coal Impact Crusher. Because these fine powders can easily adhere, affecting the transport and cutting. The materials are pre-screened in advance, and the bulk and powder materials are screened for treatment, so that the materials entering the crushing chamber are more in line with the design requirements of the Coal Impact Crusher, and the productivity of the Coal Impact Crusher is effectively improved.

3. Reasonably Increase The Power Of The Main Motor

In the range of rated motor power, the greater the main motor power, the higher the productivity of the Coal Impact Crusher and the higher the capacity. Therefore, in production, the main motor power can be increased within the allowable range to increase the capacity of the Coal Impact Crusher.

4, Properly Increase The Rotor Speed

The rotational speed of the rotor is one of the important operating parameters of the Coal Impact Crusher. It plays a decisive role in the crusher’s production capacity, product size and crushing ratio. Tests show that with the increase of rotor speed, the production capacity and crushing ratio of Coal Impact Crusher are significantly increased, and the product granularity will be relatively thin. However, as the rotor speed increases, the power consumption also increases, the plate hammer wears up, and a certain production cost is increased. Therefore, in the production, the high rotation speed of the rotor cannot be pursued blindly, and the rotation speed should be appropriately increased.

5, The Angle Of The Counterattack Should Be Appropriate

There are currently line-shaped counterattacks and arc-shaped counterattacks in the market. The angle of the counter-attack plate at all levels has a great influence on the effective crushing force of the material impact counter-attack plate, and the impact on the material impact and shear fracture is also greater.

The line-shaped counter-attack plate has a simple structure, but it cannot guarantee the most effective impact crushing of the ore. Therefore, when purchasing and debugging the Coal Impact Crusher, it is necessary to pay attention to observe the angle of the counter-attack plate, and try to make the material and the counter-attack plate collide perpendicularly to each other. Counterattack to increase the productivity of Coal Impact Crushers.

The arc-shaped counterattack plate is more commonly used in involute shape. The characteristics of this structure are that at each point of the counterattack plate, the ore is impacted in a vertical direction, and the crushing efficiency is higher and the productivity is higher.

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