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Big Used Fixed Stone Crusher

Big Used Fixed Stone Crusher

How To Replace The Bearing Of The Big Used Fixed Stone Crusher

The working environment of the Big Used Fixed Stone Crusher is relatively harsh, so the damage rate of the components is large. For some easy-to-grind parts, it is often damaged, which involves a replacement problem. Bearings are one of the wearing parts of Big Used Fixed Stone Crushers, and replacement is an inevitable problem. So what should you pay attention to when replacing bearings?

Generally, each factory has its own method to replace the Big Used Fixed Stone Crusher bearing. This article mainly introduces the precautions for replacing the bearing by the impact method.

  • 1. To protect the shaft head from being damaged: a sleeve with a bearing surface thickness of 40 mm can be made on the shaft head to avoid the flywheel directly hitting the eccentric shaft and damaging the shaft head.
  • 2. When the crane is used to hit the eccentric shaft, the center line of the flywheel should be kept in a straight line with the eccentric center line.
  • 3, the position of the impact bearing should be selected properly, so that the Big Used Fixed Stone Crusher bearing first off the moving cavity, if the axis is offset, continue to hit after the correction, until all leave the dynamic cavity.

After the bearing is replaced, it needs to be assembled and installed. There are two points to note when assembling and installing:

  • 1. When the eccentric shaft and the bearing above it are installed in the moving cymbal, the moving cymbal should be placed vertically, and the flywheel should be placed under the ground to make it a certain height from the ground. Try to make the axis of the moving raft cavity perpendicular to the horizontal plane. Burn the wood under it, let the flame pass through the cavity, heat the cavity for about 1.5h, then lift the eccentric shaft and drop it vertically into the cavity. In order to ensure the accurate installation of the bearing, the oil seal, end cover and retaining ring of the bearing are installed ahead of the shaft end of the lifting end, and then the external bearing is installed. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the number of revolutions of the eccentric shaft of the Big Used Fixed Stone Crusher.
  • 2. After installing the eccentric shaft, keep it moving, and then install another flywheel. Four suitable stud bolts can be used, one end of which is placed in the four screw holes of the shaft head. Then, lift the flywheel horizontally, pay attention to the up-and-down direction of the Big Used Fixed Stone Crusher flywheel, slowly lower it, the shaft hole passes through the four bolts, the flat key is aligned with the keyway, and the shaft end cover is put on the three bolts, plus The pad, screw on the nut, press down on the flywheel, and at the same time force the flywheel to make the flywheel install quickly.

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