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Barite Mining Process

Barite Mining Process

Barite Mining Process Machine structural features

Barite Mining Process Machines are important grinding equipment for non-metallic minerals. With the development of non-metal industry, the requirements for ultra-fine grinding are getting higher and higher. This requires a traditional mill equipment process upgrade to meet the grinding fineness requirements.

According to the ultra-fine powder processing technology that we have mastered over the years, we have carried out comprehensive and thorough technological innovation and transformation of the traditional mill. Through repeated practical use, we have redesigned and formed a new Barite Mining Process Machine, which can adapt to the current development. Need; more suitable for processing and producing ultra-fine powder products. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, no pollution, stable mechanical performance, low production cost and high economic efficiency.

1. The Barite Mining Process Machine improves the parameters and structure of the main drive. Appropriately increase the weight of the grinding roller device and the rotation speed of the main shaft, and increase the diameter of the roller and the method of increasing the weight at the lower end to increase the grinding pressure. Of course, the geometry of the grinding ring should also be changed accordingly.

2. The Barite Mining Process Machine increases the roll surface area. Try to increase the initial contact area, and the position of each roller in the height direction should be as uniform as possible, so that the surface of the grinding ring is evenly worn after grinding for a period of time.

3. Improve the grading system. The large-diameter impeller classifier is also used to separate the ultra-fine powder with a small particle size. The classifier that matches the Barite Mining Process Machine must meet the conditions of large processing capacity and wide classification range.

4. The Barite Mining Process Machine reduces the particle size of the grinding, and selects the fine jaw crusher to make the grinding particle size below 15mm.

5. In the ventilation section, change the bellows and air duct from the original horizontal bottom to 30 degrees to the center. The bucket shape is formed to ensure that the bellows and the air duct are always unobstructed, and the air volume is always maintained at the required amount, so that the host grinding powder is in an efficient work. In the entire system design and configuration, the traditional two-level collection is used to change the four-level collection.

6. Improve the powder collection system of the Barite Mining Process Machine, and adopt a multi-cylinder combined cyclone dust collector to meet the powder collection capacity.

7. The Barite Mining Process Machine adopts an automatic feedback control system to detect and control the dust concentration entering the classifier, and use the load current change of the classifier motor to control the feeding amount of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. The control range can be set according to different working conditions. Therefore, the implementation of the good process matching, under the premise of not blocking the pressure chamber and ensuring the classification accuracy, greatly improve the production efficiency.

The Barite Mining Process Machine has achieved great success, the output of ultrafine powder is increased, the average particle size of the fine powder is reduced, and the product of more than 1,250 mesh can be processed. The above-mentioned new Barite Mining Process Machine can hold ultra-fine grinding of non-metallic minerals such as calculus, dolomite, talc, aged soil, barite, rutile and fluorite. It has been verified by practice that the calcite with a feed size of 25mm is used for grinding. When the fineness is adjusted to 1250 mesh (10um), the output can reach 400kg/h, and the input power is only 23kw. Significantly higher than traditional Barite Mining Process Machines.

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