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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Conveyor Belts PDF

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Conveyor Belts PDF

Analysis Of The Cause Of Belt Conveyor Belt Breaking

Belt conveyors are widely used in various industries due to their strong transport capacity, high tensile strength, soft belt, long life and good economy. However, due to various factors, belt conveyor belt breakage has become a common accident. In the event of a broken belt, it will not only seriously affect the production efficiency, but also may cause a safety accident, so it is crucial to grasp the cause of the accident and preventive measures. There are several reasons for the belt conveyor to be broken:

Belt Conveyor Tape Quality Is Not Up To Standard

As an important part of the belt conveyor, the tape is used to carry the minerals and transport them to the designated place. If the quality of the tape used by the enterprise is not up to standard, plus the service life is too long, the overload operation or daily maintenance is not in place, etc. This caused a belt breakage due to too much material blockage, conveyor jamming, etc.

Belt Machine Joint Quality Is Not Good

Belt machine joints are divided into mechanical joints and vulcanized joints. The former is not as good as the latter and is rarely used. The joint serves as the connection point between the two belts of the belt conveyor. If the quality is not good, it may cause a belt breakage accident. The joint will often break in the following four cases:

  • 1. Vulcanized joints tend to rust or open the glue due to dust covering the steel wire and rubber during use, which may cause joint fracture.
  • 2. During the partial vulcanization process, if the wire core tape joint is in tension, heating at this time may cause fine twitching in the wire rope and the rubber layer, thereby increasing the possibility of joint fracture.
  • 3. When the material used by the manufacturer of the belt conveyor is not up to standard, it is easy to be worn, corroded and weakened, so that it is easy to break under strong force.
  • 4. The vulcanization process standard used in the production of joints is unqualified or not strictly enforced, and the joint quality produced will not break the standard and there will be a fracture accident.

Poor Management

  • 1. Some enterprises have not established corresponding technical files and work systems in the management of belt conveyors, which caused belt conveyors to have accidents due to negligence.
  • 2, lack of material management mechanism, when the belt machine in the operation of steel brazing, anchors and other foreign matter involved in the tape, can not be processed in a timely and effective manner and cause a broken belt accident.
  • 3. The implementation of job responsibilities is not strict. In some enterprises, there are situations in which the implementation of job responsibilities is not in place, which causes the equipment to run with disease, resulting in a broken belt accident.

Other Operations Or Installation Failures

  • 1. The gear reducer is damaged, and the hydraulic coupler spray or motor is reversed.
  • 2. The transportation load suddenly increases due to the involvement of other things in transportation. For example, large meteorites or other objects of extremely high quality are suddenly mixed in the material being transported.
  • 3. The stress changes greatly during start-up and parking. The start and stop of the belt conveyor will also cause it to break, and it is generally best to start it under no load.
  • 4, the material distribution is uneven, the conveyor belt runs off. The belt conveyor has a no-load section and an overload section, which causes uneven force and causes a broken belt.
  • 5. The rated tensile strength of the belt exceeds the standard during transportation, and the installation is unreasonable.
  • 6, the use of environmental corrosion. The long-term adhesive tape in the environment of humidity, high temperature, etc. is easy to rust the main core layer of the tape, the traction wire rope, and the broken tape caused by the fatigue of the tape for a long time.

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